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Wet Waves like Kim Kardashian’s – How to style

Wet waves make easy sense- its a summer hair look that’s high in fashion. Though it was popular, Kim Kardashian took it to a completely different level and made it one of the most requested summer hairstyles across the world.

This hairstyle is all about using your fingers and brush- no other styling tools required! The best part is that these sexy wet waves goes well with every dress.

Here are some steps to style wet waves at your home.

Step 1- Prep your hair

Wet waves hairstyle tutorials step1 (1)

  • Brush your hair to make sure that there are no kinks
  • For this hairstyle, we start with dry hair. So after a regular hair wash, towel dry your hair.
  • Then spray water gently on to the hair so as to create a wet look.
  • Scrunch your hair while spraying water, it will add a natural wavy look to it.
  • Here, the hair need to be as wet as possible so that styling products can be aplied. That doesn’t mean your hair have to be soaking wet though.

Step 2- Create the volume

Wet waves hairstyle tutorials step 2 (1)

  • Take one section of hair at a time, twist it and then scrunch. This will provide your hair with more texture.
  • Keep tousling your hair for some time since this hair looks best with a little volume.
  • If you have thin hair, I will suggest you to apply volumizing mousse. This is probably the easiest way to get seemingly thick hair.

Tip: First apply it on the roots. Do little circles and massage your hair on the roots. This will cause little bit of friction in between the hair strands.

Then apply it in the portion where you want maximum volume.

Wet waves hairstyle tutorials step4 (1)

Step 3-Make some waves

Wet waves hairstyle tutorials step3 (1)

  • Make use of a sea salt wave spray to make more natural waves.
  • Spray it along the length of your hair and Scrunch your hair while spraying.
  • Wave spray also helps to maintain natural waves.

Step 4- Extra wet, extra volume and extra scrunchy.

  • If you want waves to have a oily and shiny look, apply oil serum + gel.
  • Flip your hair over and scrunch it for one minute.
  • Grab all your hair and clip it in the top of your hair like in the same position as it is scrunched.
  • Apply hairspray to secure the curls.Wet waves hairstyle tutorials step5 (1)


  • Longer you keep those clips, longer the curls will last.
  • Blow dry your hair if you want to avoid too much of a wet look.
  • Make sure you pay attention to the roots because you want the wet look to start from the top and go to the bottom.

There you go girls, that’s how you get Kim Kardashian’s wet waves. Subscribe and stay tuned for more such tips and DIY!

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