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DIY Hair Styling for women

Easily style Side swept bangs at home ft. 5Mireya5

Yes, there is no hairstyle which has zero haters but side swept bangs come really close! The main reason for this is that it goes well with most types of hair- straight, wavy and curly. We have seen so many celebrities in B-Town who flaunt bangs with utmost pride.

bollywood actress side swept bangs with ponytail hairstyle

Today will explain to you how to easily style side swept bangs.  This is going to be super simple and fun!

Styling tools:

Hair brush, scissor, blow dryer

Hair styling based on hair types

Step 1 – Prepare your hair

side swept bangs hairstyle step1

  • Centre part your hair to both sides and brush it repeatedly for some time to make sure that there are no tangles or knots.
  • Section the hair you want to cut and have as side bangs. It depends on how thin or thick you want the bangs to be.

Step 2 – Create a triangular part

side swept bangs hairstyle step2

  • This is the most important step and doing it right will make your life easy. You have to decide where to start and end your bangs. For that, first create a triangular part. Careful not to make the triangular base too wide or too narrow.
  • The top most point of triangle is where your head starts to slope forward. Other two base points of the triangle will be on your forehead, directly above the arch of your eyebrows.

Step 3 – Determine the length

side swept bangs hairstyle step3

  • Pull rest of the hair back and brush your bangs to make it smoother.
  • Have you decided on the length of your bangs? If not, consider it now. We are going to cut the bangs! However, instead of cutting them  exactly where they need to end, we cut them just a bit longer.

side swept bangs hairstyle step4

  • Hold the bangs in between your fingers (as show in the figure) and make small cuts at a time. Smaller segments will take longer but produce better results.

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Step 4 – Brush the bangs to the opposite side

side swept bangs hairstyle step5

  • If you want to sweep the bangs to the left, first of all brush them all the way to the right. Brushing in the opposite direction helps to get that nice angle in them. Don’t be confused, this will all make sense in the end.
  • Comb the bangs smoothly and hold them in your fingers just like as shown in the figure.
  • You don’t want to elevate the hair, instead, just keep them flat on your face. Elevating will cause some layers to form.
  • Just point-cut into them and if you want more angled bangs, keep it short on the left side and gradually increase length going towards the right.

Step 5 – Re-evaluate your bangs

side swept bangs hairstyle step6

  • Return your bangs to the position where you want to keep it. Make sure that there are no uneven sections, and also check how the angled cut and length suits your face.
  • If any of the sections are uneven, just cut it neat and accurate.

Step 6

  • Using a round brush and hair dryer, brush the bangs to the side you want them to fall. Hold up the handle higher to get the hair swoop across your face.

Styling side swept bangs – Tips

  • Applying a small amount of mousse will add an extra volume to your side swept bangs.
  • If your bangs are thick and long enough, you can follow up with a flat iron or curling iron to style your bangs
  • If you cut the bangs horizontal instead of angled, you will get a very sharp slant that looks strange, possibly even straight up weird.

Hairstyles that can be coupled with side swept bangs

These are some interesting hairstyles that you can pair to your gorgeous bangs:

  • Side swept bangs with a ponytail
  • Side swept bangs with an updo
  • Side swept bangs with curls
  • Side swept bangs with a fish tail braid
  • Side swept bangs with layered hair

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So that’s how you style side swept bangs in the right way. Follow this tutorial properly so that you don’t mess up the next time.

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