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How to make Fishtail braids at home | Styling tips

Any hairstyle can catch your eye but it takes something special to catch your heart. Yes, I am talking about the forever-cute fishtail braids. I honestly think it’s one of those hairstyles that’s perfect for most occasions. All you have to do is to adjust its messiness accordingly.

Want this for your next date night? Let me help you.

bollywood actress fishtail braid

Styling tools

Hair brush, scissor and hair elastics.

Steps for styling a Fishtail braid

Here are some simple steps to make Fishtail braids at home:

Step 1- Preparation

fishtail braid hairstyle tutorial step1

  • First you need to part your hair. If your face shape is round, part your hair down the middle or with a deep side cut. If your face shape is square, try a side part with the fringe. Most often parting your hair has everything to do with your face shape. So first figure out where to part your hair. Check out which face shapes and hairstyles match.
  • Now you need to bring all your hair to one side over the shoulder.
  • Brush your hair smoothly to make sure that there aren’t any knots.
  • Using a hair elastic, wrap your hair into a side ponytail.

Step 2- Let’s start with a pony

  • I want to make something clear first, Most braids have three or more sections but a daily fish tail braid has only two sections.
  • So split your side ponytail into two even sections.
  • I am going to call these two sections A and B (as shown in the figure). It will make the tutorial easier to follow.

Step 3- start braiding

fishtail braid hairstyle tutorial step2

  • Hold these sections using your hand as shown and make sure you are holding them tight enough.
  • Take a small chunk of hair from behind the section A and connect (pass) to the opposite section B.
  • Take another chunk from the back of section B, pass it to section A using your thumb, and pull it to make tighter using your index finger.

Step 4- Braid it all the way

fishtail braid hairstyle tutorial step3

  • This is going to create a criss-cross section as shown in the figure.
  • You can take big or small chunks from behind the section, it just depends on how fine you want the fishtail weave to be.
  • Then again pass a small chunk of hair from Section A to Section B using your thumb and use your index finger to pull it from A to B.
  • This method helps eliminating the errors and save time.

Step 5- Secure it

fishtail braid hairstyle tutorial step4

  • Keep weaving all the way down and secure the ends with hair elastics.
  • Tighten it up after each weave to keep it fine.
  • After that, pull off or cut out the hair elastic which we tied on the top.
  • The reason we had that elastic is to keep the hair in place. It seriously makes braiding a lot easier.
  • This is the way to style a nice and neat fish tail braid.

And If you want it messier

fishtail braid hairstyle tutorial step5

Have you noticed Bollywood cutie Deepika Padukone’s secret recipe for fishtail braids? It’s an extra bit of mess.

  • Pull out the strands a little bit to make it thicker and messier.
  • Leave out little hair (as much as you like) around the face.fishtail braid hairstyle tutorial step6


Tips from the stylists:

  • Tighten the braid up after each weave to keep it fine.
  • When we use smaller pieces at the top and larger pieces at the bottom, the braid lasts longer and looks pretty cool.
  • Don’t get confused and pick two pieces from the same section.
  • Spray some dry shampoo to make sure that braids keep their shape.
  • Bangs will go perfect with fishtail braids. (Side-swept bangs styling tips)
  • Accessorize you French side braid using colourful ribbons.

I hope you all like this hairstyle as much as I do. Instead of waiting for the right moment, try to do the fishtail braid ASAP! You will find yourself falling in love with it!

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