beachy waves hairstyle tutorial
DIY Hair Styling for women

Beachy Waves – Tips to style at home

The last few years have all been about tousled and messy hairstyles. Among them, there is an hairstyle which never ever fails to make an impression- the Beachy waves. This is a fabulous, casual hairstyle which can be achieved whether your hair is naturally wavy or straight.

These messy, voluminous beachy waves look effortless because they actually are! It works well with both short as well as long hair. You can pull them off with minimal work and in practically no time!

Here is a step by step tutorial to style this perfectly imperfect hairdo:

Step 1- Prep your hair

beachy waves hairstyle tutorial step 1

  • After the wash, towel dry your hair until its damp (not soaking wet). Use a t-shirt, which prevents frizz better than a towel.
  • Let your hair continue to air dry and scrunch every so often as it dries. If your hair is wet, let your hair dry completely before curling. Because wet hair is more prone for heat damage.
  • Brush your hair to remove the tangles and knots.
  • Add a heat protectant to your hair before using curling iron.

Step 2-Choose the right barrel

beachy waves hairstyle tutorial step 2

  • Barrels smaller than 1 inch will provide tight ringlets as it is not required for beachy waves. So avoid it.
  • Instead choose a barrel that is 1 to 1.5’ wide for this look.

Step 3-We need waves, not curls!

beachy waves hairstyle tutorial step 3

  • Separate top section of your hair and clip it on the top.
  • Let’s start with the bottom section.
  • Key thing we should remember is to put most of the curls either at top or at center, not at the bottom.
  • Wrap your hair using curling iron. Wrap it once or twice, as we need a waves more than curls.
  • Hold your hair around the barrel for 7-8 seconds.
  • Keep the barrel really close to the top of your hair. It will make hair look fluffier and voluminous.
  • Don’t forget to maintain space between the curls! If they are too close, that’s going to give you a curlier look.
  • Curl each sections of your hair one after another.
  • beachy waves hairstyle tutorial step 4

Step 4-Final touch

beachy waves hairstyle tutorial step 5

  • Let the waves cool in to its shape.
  • Some wavy sections are likely to appear little straight. Don’t be afraid to curl them up.
  • If you feel like it’s more curls than waves, don’t worry! At the end of the day, it’s going to come loose slightly.
  • Grab your texturizing hair spray, apply it through the top if you want to feel more volume (root oomph).
  • We don’t want the ends to look dry! So use a moisturising cream to avoid the dryness. Rub it in your hands and apply it at the ends of hair. Rub what’s left on the other parts.


  • Tease each section before you curl it. Keep playing with it until you feel confident with the look.
  • Take the teasing comb and give yourself a fluff at the root by backcombing it smoothly.
  • Natural wavy hair tends to curl in all sorts of directions. So for a more natural look, curl a few sections of your hair in opposite direction too.

Nothing says summer like surfer-girl strands, right?

That’s how we style this messy hairstyle. This has been much requested from you gals and I hope it’s helpful! Rock the messy beachy waves anytime, anywhere!


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