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10 simple hairstyles that every Indian girl can try in 2018

A new year means a slew of new hairstyles to try and incorporate into your already fabulous grooming section. In 2018, we are finally saying goodbye to unicorns! This might not be what you want to hear but that’s just the way it is. Popular hairstyles can change overnight. Let’s face it!

So now is the perfect time to trade in those unicorn hairstyles and opt for something a little more natural. We have zeroed in on ten of the most simple and wearable hairstyles for girls to try in 2018:

If you are not familiar with the common terms of the hairstyling world, here’s a handy guide: Hairstyles for Indian women

Side swept bangs: Bangs have the power to completely transform your face and can even make you look younger. Just make sure to go for bangs that are full and not wispy. Wispy bangs can make your face feel aged.

Thought your naturally wavy hair couldn’t handle bangs? Totally mistaken! It doesn’t matter your hair is long or short. Bangs goes well with straight, curly, wavy and even tousled. It always works.

Katrina Kaif simple side swept bangs

Layered hairstyle with highlights: Hair doesn’t make the woman but a good hairdo definitely helps! For short hair, layers give an illusion of volume but in case of long hair, it helps to enhance the length. If you are looking for a little more oomph, adding highlights is the best option. Highlights will give your hair a sun-streaked, natural look. That sounds cool, right?

Deepika simple layer with highlights

Long Pixie cut: Amongst all the craziness, here is something sexy! Come on! You are 21st century girl, so don’t be afraid of reinventing yourself! If you have straighter hair, its texture kind of helps in maintaining the look as well.

Before cutting it short get a clear idea about your hair texture and face shape. If your face shape resembles something close to oval, this will be awesome for you. Pixie cuts are also very low in maintenance.

Akshara Haasan long pixie haircut

Cute Curls: I always fall in love with free flowing curls!! It is the typical Indian choice for medium length hair. Curls create volume and make you look more gorgeous. Use a curling iron to get desired look.

Mithila Palkar simple curly hairstyle

Twisted plaits: First and foremost, don’t be confused between plaits and braids-they are pretty much the same. The difference is, braids are usually done by a braiders (someone who is really good at it) while almost everyone can plait their hair- it’s simpler.

Plait is when three or more strands are intertwined alternately so that they bounce together. It’s easy to achieve but still gives you a sophisticated look when done right.

SImple braids for Indian women

Puff hair style: In India, we like everything more when it is puffed. Doesn’t matter whether it is 2008 or 2018, puff is one of the most recreated hairdos in B-Town. Reason behind its popularity might lie in its simplicity. Puff hairstyles comes in a wide variety of options and goes well with almost all outfits.

Kajal Agarwal simple puff hairstyle

Layers with front bangs: Layers with front bangs are quite youthful. I would suggest girls with longer forehead to choose this one. Soft front bangs will cover your wide forehead while highlighting the eyes and cheekbones. Not bad for a wearable fashion trend!

Samantha bangs with layer

Wavy layers for medium hair: Make more waves! Flirty waves with medium length hair is a match made in heaven. Wavy layers will add bounce to your hair and make it look extra voluminous. An appropriate amount of layers with loose waves is stellar as well.

Alia Bhatt simple wavy hairstyle


Ponytail: When in doubt, throw your hair into a ponytail. Ponytail consist of a base, where the hair is secured and a tail. Your tail don’t have to be bone straight. Flaunt your own hair texture. It’s quick to create and fun to flaunt.

Deepika simple ponytail

Side ponytail:  Extremely girly and flirty! A side ponytail gives a unique twist to the standard ponytail. The best thing about this hairstyle is that anyone can rock on it, anywhere. It’s cool for your next formal event as well as a simple evening out.

Bipasha Basu simple side ponytail

These are the some of the simple yet fashionable hairstyles you can try in 2018.

A Hairstyle is effective when you figure out what truly works for you and what brings out the best in you at the same time. Remember friends,

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

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