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Best Hairstyles for Jeans that girls can try in 2018

The level of comfiness you have when it comes to jeans is off the rails. It’s gender-less and versatile but most often, we are afraid of being judged! That’s why we fail in coordinating our hair with the clothes we are wearing.

If you are more of a jeans and t-shirt type girl, we are here to solve that problem for you. Here are 12 simple hairstyles to try when you are in Denim.

We love these easy hairstyles and know you will too! Check em out!


Mithila pallekar curlyhairstyle in jeans

Impossibly gorgeous? Yes it is! Curly hair is more than just a hair, it’s an attitude. You feel like a queen crowned in your own curls but agree or not, sometimes it’s one hell of a mess. Frizzy hair, hair knots and triangle hair! – Some people- a.k.a. those who don’t have curly hair- just don’t get it.

But according to me, never blame the curls for these, instead come up with a better hair routine. Just accept the fact that curly hair needs more hair care.


  • Finger comb your hair while shower.
  • Using microfiber towels will help in avoiding the frizz. (buy microfiber towel)
  • Curly hair is dryer and gets frizzed easier than wavy or straight hair. So it is important to stay hydrated and to apply hair masks to your hair.

What is hair mask and how to use it correctly


Fish tail braids:

deepika padukone fishtail braid hairstyle in jeans

A Fishtail braid is a cute way to add little ‘something-something’ to your girl vibes. Not only is it a chic way to keep  hair out of your face but it looks elegant on a night out as well. I think this messy version is so much easier to do plus, it looks effortless.

Learn how to get this French braid for yourself-The step by step tutorial makes it easy, we promise.

Side bangs with pony

rakul preet side swept bangs in jeans

It’s a vision when the ponytail and side bangs come together. Jennifer love once said “I love that princess mentality but I also like to throw my hair in a ponytail and just wearing jeans.” If you love the combo like Jennifer, this one is for you- Easy, pretty and comfy, what more you need?

You can style the side swept bangs on your own. This link will walk you through the complete how-to.

Layered hairstyle

disha patani layered hairstyle in jeans

It doesn’t matter traditional or modern, layered hairstyle never goes out of style. We have seen Bollywood actresses flaunt this hairstyle since early 90’s but what’s changed is innovation. Now they are adding soft waves and caramel-kissed highlights with long layers.

Curl the ends

Alia bhatt curly hairstyle in jeans

Instead of curling all the way from root to bottom, why don’t you try them at only at the ends? You have read that right! The key is to master the right technique! You can decide the direction of curls but I would recommend inwards curls for the bottom. They lie close to the chin area and helps to balance your face shape.

Step by step tutorials on end curls

Middle- parted sleek look

anushka sharma sleeky hairstyle in jeans

Sleek and Sweet! You have seen this look time and again, usually on red carpets, since Uber-sleek hairstyles always have a space in fashion world. However, I do suggest you to save this hairstyle for fancy occasions rather than the week days.

Tousled waves

bollywod actress in beachy waves and jeans

While tousled waves was been a classic beach hair, now it has become as pervasive as bell-bottom’s in 60’s. Sea salt spray is an important styling tool for this hairdo since tousled waves calls for volume. This will add grit and texture to your locks, making your look more beachy.

Side-parted curls

shruti hassan side parted waves hairstyle in jeans

Yet another adventurous hair! This hairstyle comes in different variations. Flary curls and a relaxed side parting bring this hairstyle together. This is effortless-glamour at its best and even if you have slightly shorter hair you can pull it off.

Pouf with a pony

kajal agarwal ponytail hairstyle in jeans

Ponytails are fun and simple for girls with medium to long hair. If you have thick layers, you can try to keep them tamed with a hairspray. Combining this with an exaggerated pouf makes it more sophisticated.

Half-up top knot

kriti sanon half up top knot hairstyle in jeans

This is an unexpected spin on the traditional topknot. Half up half down hairstyle with a topknot looks so chic and those effortless waves only improves the look. Don’t forget to add a finishing mist of hairspray and a quick tease along the lengths of hair for that edgy-vibe.

A cute look for both daytime and evening, a special occasions, this hairstyle is worth learning how to do, check this out!

What about some colour?

aadah sharma coloured hairstyle in jeans

Want to add some quirk to your everyday life, try colours! You can have fun and look work-appropriate at the same time.

Part red-part black, this edgy look really makes a statement. Be creative and go for unconventional colours like violet blue and red. Step into sun, the brilliance of these colours will come into light.

Wet waves

sai pallavi wet curly hairstyle in jeans

The best hair look you can get for wet hair is waves. It always manages to create an especially eye-catching and luxuriously chic effect. If your hair has curls, you get even more texture, which helps to keep your wet look from appearing greasy. So how can you master this look at home? Check here

Fashion brings out what you are inside. A lot of people are out there thinking that it’s all about blue jeans and three inch heels. But trut be told, it’s more!

I am truly delighted that I wrote this article and believe it’s helpful for all of you folks. Subscribe and stay tuned for more such update!

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