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Face shape & hairstyles – The one which suits you best

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We have coloured it, curled it, teased it and tousled it! Some of us tie it up while others let it flow. However, a perfect hairdo is more than just these- it’s about choosing the one that flatters you the most, the one which gives you the most confidence! For that, first you need to understand the concept of face shapes and their relation with hairstyles.In this list we’ve listed the most suitable hairstyles for different face shapes. You can work out what works best for your face shape. Remember, what you need to do is to create a balance.

Simple hairstyles for Indian girls

Oval shape

sonam kapoor oval face shape hairstyle

Are you gifted with oval face shape? You probably have other women seething with envy. It doesn’t matter which hairstyle- long, short, curly or flat, everything just works!

Oval face shapes have two broad options- either you can balance the shape of your face or enhance it. Cutting the length to collarbone and adding some soft curls will help maintaining the balance.

Long layers also look elegant on an oval face but try to avoid styles that add height on the top (bouffant).

Round shape

sonakshi sinha round face shape hairstyle

Obviously no one has a completely symmetrical round face. Since width of your jaw and forehead are almost similar, round face shape makes you look much younger.  You can hold on to young haircuts. Avoid bob cuts! It makes your face seem even rounder, or worse, make it seem like you are wearing a helmet. The same will happen if you try to style your hair inwards. Curl your hair away from the face.

Love bangs? Split them in the middle to break the circle.  It would be even better if you add some layers because short layers can help lengthen your face.

Square shape

Anushka sharma square shape hairstyle

Square face shapes are when the jaw and forehead are, as expected, square in shape. The forehead is broad but not necessarily long.

Avoid half chin length hairdos because that would accentuate your already prominent jaw bones. You should add some length to break the box.

Avoid pixie cuts too, they makes your top part look even boxier. If your forehead is wide you can cover it by adding bangs. However, don’t split them in the middle, instead, split them on one sides.

Heart shape

deepika padukone heart face shape hairstyle Most feminine! Forehead is the focal point of Heart face shapes and cheek bones will be pretty visible. You should flaunt more hair through the chin area to balance the shape. Waves and long hair will look good but avoid crown-heavy hairdos or cuts that end around the ear. They leave your cheek bones more visible which is kind of exaggerating!!

Jennifer Anniston, in the popular TV show Friends, showed us exactly how to get a layered haircut to frame your heart face. She had layers going inward, which are not just beautiful but whimsical and romantic. Bangs and waves could work with this face shape as well.

Diamond shape

mallika sherawat face shape diamond

Add volume to the top of your head and avoid side swept bangs which make your forehead look even more tapered. You can further luminate by wearing long hair with balancing curls which effectively softens the cheek’s appearance.

Long shape

katrina kaif long face shape hairstyle bangs

Long face shape has slim jaw line and tapered forehead, distinguishing it from the diamond shape. This makes your cheek bones the widest part, in turn creating a diamond effect.

Bangs are classic on a long face. Add thick bangs that lightly skim your eyebrows in the middle.

That’s it! The take away from this article should be “Always create a balance”. I would also like to add that these are mere principles and tips. It’s up to you to decide which style you fancy wearing and which part of your face you want to highlight. If you have square face and you like your jaws, please show them!! Go for a pixie cut! Why not?

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