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Actress Priya Prakash Warrier’s hot trending hairstyles

Priya Prakash Warrier’s 30-second wink in the song ‘Manikya Malaraya pove’ catapulted her into stardom. Fans couldn’t stop gushing over her ever since the song was posted in Youtube. Even before her first movie- Oru Aadar Love hit the screens, she became one of the most followed actress in India. In the process, she also became the third celebrity around the world to garner more than 600k followers in a single day on Instagram. However, as always, we here at Hairstyles India are more excited about her wavy locks than her winking eyes. So here are some of the best hairstyles Priya sported over the years.

Three strand simple braid

priya warrier braided hairstyle1 (1)

First, you need to side part your hair. As you can notice, one side of Priya’s hair contains almost all the volume while the other part is kept lean.

Here are some of the steps required get this hairstyle:

  • Brush your hair thoroughly. If you have knots or tangles in your hair, it will make the braiding process harder.

Priya is gifted with voluminous hair. So this hairstyle looks stellar once braided.

If you have thinner hair, don’t worry! There are few tricks by which you can make your hair feel-voluminous.

Side parting your hair will create more volume at the crown.

  • Flip your hair 3 or 4 times on to both sides. Now part your hair to the side which you prefer.
  • Tease the hair with a comb to add more volume. You should tease it from your hair root to the shaft.

Gently brush hair using your fingers, this will also make your hair feel voluminous.

  • Don’t forget to comb the top layers to avoid the messiness.

Now your hair is ready to be braided. A three-strand regular braid is what we are going to style here.

I suggest adding cute bangs to the braid to get a chic vibe! Long bangs are contemporary and gorgeous.

  • Separate your bangs from other parts of the hair which are to be braided.
  • Then make a three strand simple braid, any more will be harder to style.
  • After proper braiding, pull your hair up to make it messy and voluminous (loosen it up!)

You shouldn’t make this braid sleek, lest you lose the sexiness of a messy hairdo.


priya warrier hairstyle updo (1)

Want the hair to feel timeless and regal? I prefer Updos.

Recently, Priya graced the ramp of GFW fashion event 2017, sporting a classic Updo. She looked every bit stunning, even though it not her usual choice of style.

Loose curls

priya prakash warrier loose curls hairstyle (1)

This time the wink girl brought out her serious vibe!  Nothing goes better with DENIM than loose curls. That’s science.  Bold and sexy!

Priya Prakash Warrier’s Thick and Natural

priya warrier natural hairstyle (1)

Envious look!  If you have thick natural hair, there is no reason to always keep them tied up. This is an easy way to make your hair, not your face.

Twisted braids

priya warrier braided hairstylee (1)

If you have luscious long hair like Priya, this is definitely the best way of make you feel like a princess. These twisted braids look stunning and definitely demand something more than a mere gaze!

Fusion- Straight+Natural

priya warrier half straight half natural (1)

This is one of our most requested Priya Prakash Warrier hairstyles! Priya’s thick flowing hair, in a combination of natural and straights, provide a very unique fashion statement. Though we’ve seen it before, this is the first time that this style is receiving so much attention from the general public.

Definitely going to see more of it on our Instagram handle soon!


priya warrier puff hairstyle (1)

I admit, this is not her best look, but the Pouf or Puff is an evergreen hairstyles that any women can try. It simple and goes well for every occasion.

Although Priya Varrier has just entered the entertainment circle, the glimpses we have of her are promising! Rumours floating around claim that she will be paired along with Ranveer Singh in Rohit Shetty’s next film- Simmba (Update: Sadly, she has lost the role to Saif Ali Khan’s daughter, Sara Ali Khan). It will be produced by Karan Johar, and if true, this will arguably be the best Bollywood debut for a small-time actress in a long, long time!

Hope we can do more hairstyles inspired by her in the future.

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