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Karwaan Actress Mithila Palkar Inspired Curly Hairstyles

Mithila Palkar is on the verge of a major breakthrough as her new Bollywood movie ‘Karwaan’ has taken strong start at the box office. This quirky road trip movie also features Irrfan Khan and South Indian actor Dulquer Salman, who is making his Bollywood debut.

Instead of giving you a heart-stopping review about the new release, we are planning to offer something worth your time. So here it is, we are listing out some exceptional hairstyles inspired by the curly hair angel, mithila palkar.


Natural Curls

Mithila palkar natural curl hairstyle

She is the epitome for curly her love! If you think I am overstating, just have a good look at these pics, the way she superintend her untamable, free flowing curly hair is topgallant.

Mithila palkar natural curls hairstyle

Natural curly hair is one of the most enviable hair types around!

End Curls

Mithila palkar end curly hairstyle

End curls are the amalgam of straight hair with curls. Here is a quick tip, this hairstyle look more natural and elegant when the curls are loose.

Mithila palkar end curls hairstyle

It would be better to work on lower heat settings as we are curling the ends.

Ponytail Love

Mithila palkar ponytail hairstyle

This hairstyle never need an introduction! From pics you can notice Mithila styling ponytail in her natural curly hair as well as in straightened hair.  It’s a total go to for all hair types.

The sleek ponytail’s smooth finesse enhances it and gives a very elegant impression.


Mithila palkar updo hairstyle

For occasions where style and comfort need to go hand-in-hand, Updo is the answer. The wispy and undone style or Mithila’s updo makes for casual glamour.

Low Bun

Mithila palkar low bun curls hairstyle

Anything Mithila does to her hair looks cool, but this Low bun happens to be one of my personal favourite.

Mithila palkar bun hairstyle

Like the updos, Low bun can also control those overgrown curls and locks effectively. And the best part here is, her loose and voluminous bun can be paired with either a dressy or a casual look.


Mithila palkar highlighted curls hairstyle

Mithila palkar looks absolutely breath-taking with her stylish highlights!  Highlights have that immense power to transform your entire look.

Mithila palkar highlights hairstyle

Her honey coloured highlights blend beautifully into her dark curls, right? And if you search for highlights you will get to know that there are virtually endless options for brightening your dull strands.

Straight Hair

Mithila palkar straightened hairstyle

Let’s agree, some of us have tried this and suffered as misfortune! Anyways that’s not the case her, the glossy texture and shiny black hairdo makes Mithila look more adorable and pretty.

The side part gives very edgy appeal with this straightened hairstyle.

Wavy Hairstyle

Mithila palkar wavy hairstyle

Mithila is not a big fan of wavy hairstyles, although the centre part and easy going texture contribute to create a great first impression.  I just love the way the stylist paired wavy hair with those highlights.


Mithila palkar braided hairstyle

This braid hairstyle is an all-around classic, and for good reason. The secret of this long hairdo is that the braid is clear-cut, defined and of course the wavy, smooth finish on her locks.

So, which hairstyle is your favourite friends? I am having real trouble in picking only one from her amazing hairstyle collection!

Like Mithila Palkar, Rock your gorgeous hairstyles with pride!





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