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Desi hairstyles for the young Indian women ft. The Scarlet Window

Until a decade ago most Indian fashionistas saved traditional wears for festivals and weddings, well, this is no longer the case! While it’s OK to wear western clothes most places, it would be much better to wear them in a manner that is respectful to the very modest Indian culture.

Actually, this post is a product of inspiration we acquired while following the effort made by “The Scarlet Window”- a tumblr page handled by south Indian actress Malavika Mohanan to restore ‘India’ in the Indian fashion map. We are presenting you some Indo-western fusion clothing and arguably, some of the most beautiful hairstyles that suit them.

Let it loose:

Scarlet window malavika mohanan kurti jeans- natural hairstyles

As you can tell by now, comfort is the key when dressing confidently. What’s trending now is to get stylish with that Indian touch! Anything that amalgamates Indian and western wants comfort on much-in-demand classic styling, and the Scarlet Window has lots of inspiration!

Your favourite jeans and an ethnic kurti is a combo that is comfortable for walking around all day, but will look extremely chic. It is just out of the way attractive and you will feel stylish and confident at the same time.

But we always mess up while choosing the right hairstyle for this indo-western combo! If you opt for a sophisticated look, you will be left tad disappointed. Simplicity is the key here!

The best way you can rock on this attire is by letting your natural hair flaunt freely. It would be much better if you try long layer cuts with soft highlights.

Layer love:

scarlet window malavika mohanan in saree - hairstyles

Saree is an ever-trendy Indian garment for every occasion. The six yards of sheer elegance rarely goes wrong provided it’s all draped and styled well.

Wondering what hairstyle to opt for? Open hairstyles can look glamorous with saree!

scarlet window malavika mohanan aree- traditional hairstyles

Just sweep your hair one side, leaving the other shoulder bare. Adding layers make the hair seem more voluminous and you need to maintain the natural curls and waves of your hair.

You can complete this delightful attire by adding caramel or honey highlights. Use some serum to control the frizz and you are ready to go.

Mer-maid for you!

scarlet window malavika mohanan braid hairstyles

Clothing in Rajasthan is outstanding and lively while still maintaining the legacy of their rich culture. Women in Rajasthan wear Ghaghra, Kurti or choli and Odhini. The Ghagra (skirt) need no introduction due to the popularity it has earned. It is a multi-pleated skirt that is usually ankle length.

How about donning Ghaghra with a top from H&M. check out the pics, they are so ravishing!

scarlet window malavika mohanan braided

I admire the way Malavika teamed up loose braids with this clothing. If you want your hairstyle to be the heroine of your entire outfit, then fishtail braids are here to solve all your styling dilemmas.

Ghaghra choli has always been one of the top choices when it comes to festivals and other joyous occasions.

Churidhar-Kurti-Dhupatta get-up

scarlet window malavika mohanan kurti - layeredhairstyles

One-size-fits-all! You can wear churidhar-kurti for almost every occasion in India. It’s another everyday clothing most Indian women resort to. Check out the gorgeous hairstyles that goes well with this traditional attire.

scarlet window malavika mohanan- churithar kurti - updohairstyles

That’s all guys. Elegance has a beauty of its own, indulged in choicest selections of ethnic wear.

Let your attire speak for your tradition!

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