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What is Hair mask and how to use it correctly?

Human hair is not as strong as some of us believe it to be. It is thin, frizzy, fragile and prone to breakage. So just like every other important thing in your life, utmost respect and care is essential if you want it to stick around longer! Of course, there are many professional products and treatments available in the market today but sometimes, things needn’t be so complicated. This is where Hair masks come in!

A hair mask is essentially a deep conditioning and moisturizing agent. It is packed heavily with hydrating and regenerative elements, and depending on the ingredients, can be used for variety of hair types. However, most women only use it when their hair is extremely dry or damaged, I will tell you why this is wrong! Our hair goes through a lot of stress from dust and heat daily. Heat styling and drying further add to it (in a big way) and hair is left at a fraction of its normal strength. So even if you don’t notice this, hair still needs sufficient recuperative elements in weekly basics- not just normal shampoo and conditioners!

Some great hair masks ingredients: Egg, Coconut oil, coconut milk, hibiscus, Banana, Yogurt, Rosemarry, Green tea, Avocado and more.

How to use Hair mask correctly

Hair Mask for natural Indian hair Methil Devika

Unlike Shampoos and Conditioners, there’s no need to use the hair mask every other day. It is a strong and rich concoction whose effects (should) last throughout the week. You don’t even need to apply it for a long time, unless your hair specifically demands. There are other things to remember as well but let’s start with how to use the hair mask properly.

These are the steps:

  • Clean the hair with lukewarm water
  • Apply it gently throughout the hair (especially at the tip)
  • Keep hair warm
  • Leave it for required time
  • Remove the hair mask with cool water


Cleaning your hair is an important step in the Hair masking process. Hair usually contains dust and other particles which hinder the natural progression of essential nutrients and block cuticle openings. So Hair Mask must be applied on washed, preferably shampooed, towel dried hair.

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Applying and Processing

wide tooth comb hair mask

Before applying, open up the hair strands with a wide toothed comb. This improves surface area and allows the mask to reach every inch of your hair. Now apply the hair mask gently-from roots to the tips. Concentrate on the hair tips as they are usually the most damaged. After you’ve applied the hair mask thoroughly, brush the hair with a comb to even it out.

Let it sit.

Washing out

After a desired amount of time, wash the hair mask out. Cool water is preferred as it closes the cuticle openings and leaves nutrients intact. This is especially true because the last two steps employed warm treatment on the hair.

Remember to use good shampoo and conditioner, and then air dry your hair. Using an electric dryer will be ironical.

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Tips when using Hair Mask

Hair Mask for shiny hair

Here are some tips for choosing and using a hair mask:

  • Don’t buy them! Hair masks are expensive and don’t offer anything above what you can easily achieve at home.
  • There are a variety of Hair masks available today (both DIY and in the market), choose one that suits your hair.
  • If your hair is greasy after applying a particular concoction, it is not for you.
  • Preferably, Hair Mask should be applied once every week.
  • Use lukewarm water for initial cleaning as they open cuticles and allow more of the rich nutrients to get in.
  • While processing, wrap you hair lightly with a warm towel to increase effectiveness of hair masking.
  • However, thick towels break your hair. So it’s better to go for ones made from soft, micro-fibers. (Buy: Amazon)
  • Processing time is different for different types of hair, and 2-20 minutes would suffice in most cases. However, for highly damaged and heat treated hair, you can (should) leave the hair mask overnight.
  • Don’t use a comb after you have let the mask to settle.
  • Use cool water to remove the Hair mask with Shampoo and Conditioners

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