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    9 Different Types of Bangs to Try with Your Next Makeover

    Desperately need a makeover? What about bangs? We are often tempted to try bangs. They are such an easy way to change up your look. Bangs frame the face and can play up your good features while minimizing the not-so good-ones. But if you don’t get it right, you might not end up liking them! Here, we are listing 10 most popular styles of bangs that are being worn by the celebs. Blunt Bangs Blunt bangs are bangs which cut straight across your forehead. Here, thick bangs rather than wispy versions make more of an impact! Because these bangs are wide yet cover all of the forehead, they add width…

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    Indian Celebrity Hairstyles|Cannes 2018

    It was all about glitz and glamour every year at Cannes! Blissful to say, some of the most memorable looks in Indian fashion industry happened during this year Cannes 2018. From deepika’s shocking pink Ashi studio gown to Aishwarya’s ‘butterfly’ gown!! We are taking a look back at the most memorable looks from one of the biggest night in film industry.   Aishwarya Rai Bachan: Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachan made her 17th consecutive appearance in Cannes Film Festival. Aish paired her butterfly-inspired purple gown with a classic sleek hairstyle.  The stunning Michael Cinco has many a gowns to remember, but this butterfly-inspired gown was a standout. Sleek and…

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    DIY Hair Styling for women

    Beachy Waves – Tips to style at home

    The last few years have all been about tousled and messy hairstyles. Among them, there is an hairstyle which never ever fails to make an impression- the Beachy waves. This is a fabulous, casual hairstyle which can be achieved whether your hair is naturally wavy or straight. These messy, voluminous beachy waves look effortless because they actually are! It works well with both short as well as long hair. You can pull them off with minimal work and in practically no time! Here is a step by step tutorial to style this perfectly imperfect hairdo: Step 1- Prep your hair After the wash, towel dry your hair until its damp…

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    Best Hairstyles for Jeans that girls can try in 2018

    The level of comfiness you have when it comes to jeans is off the rails. It’s gender-less and versatile but most often, we are afraid of being judged! That’s why we fail in coordinating our hair with the clothes we are wearing. If you are more of a jeans and t-shirt type girl, we are here to solve that problem for you. Here are 12 simple hairstyles to try when you are in Denim. We love these easy hairstyles and know you will too! Check em out! Curls Impossibly gorgeous? Yes it is! Curly hair is more than just a hair, it’s an attitude. You feel like a queen crowned…

  • bollywood actress half up top knot hairstyle tutorials
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    How To Style Half-Up Top Knot at Home

    Top knot is our favorite Updo for a reason- it owns the gift of timelessness. Top knots can make you look younger as well as ultra-chic. It is also a great way for pulling the hair away from your face on the third hair day while still maintaining the sophisticated vibe. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on styling this gorgeous half-up top knot. Step 1: Prep your hair Wash your hair and towel dry it. We need to get rid of the wetness so that use can make use of a blow dryer. Apply some dry shampoo to the hair. It will soak up the oils, and also give your…

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    How to make Fishtail braids at home | Styling tips

    Any hairstyle can catch your eye but it takes something special to catch your heart. Yes, I am talking about the forever-cute fishtail braids. I honestly think it’s one of those hairstyles that’s perfect for most occasions. All you have to do is to adjust its messiness accordingly. Want this for your next date night? Let me help you. Styling tools Hair brush, scissor and hair elastics. Steps for styling a Fishtail braid Here are some simple steps to make Fishtail braids at home: Step 1- Preparation First you need to part your hair. If your face shape is round, part your hair down the middle or with a deep…

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    Top 10 trending hairstyles for Indian men in 2018

    Here are the top 10 trending hairstyles which you can try in 2018. We have compiled this list based on popular feedback from our social media handles, especially Instagram. 2017 was one of the best years as far as hairstyling is concerned and we felt that there was more curiosity surrounding some of the hairstyles we endorsed, quirky ones included. People have begun to experiment and that’s a good sign. Celebrity association played a huge role in some of these hairstyles trending in the first two months of 2018. However, for the most part, men’s hairstyle in 2018 will be all about free-flowing nature. A guide to Indian men’s hairstyles…