• Ranveer Singh hair and beard styles
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    7 Ranveer Singh hair + beard styles to try in 2018

    Ranveer Singh is arguably the most stylish person in Bollywood right now. He looks great, dresses aptly and has penned deals with some of the biggest production houses in Indian cinema- this guy can do no wrong. If it was not for his eccentric life style and quirky sunglass choices, most people would name his stunning hair and beard as the no.1 reason to love him (or at least we would). Of course, that’s not taking anything away from his acting! Ranveer has had a lot of hairstyles in his stint with Bollywood and its frankly difficult to put all of them in to a single post. So here are…

  • different ways to wear a ponytail
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    5 Simple Yet Creative Ways To Wear A Ponytail

    A girl’s relationship with ponytail starts in her childhood! When mom taught her that quick fix to keep hair away from the face, that’s how the friendship started! As we grew up, this hairstyle became our time saver in those busy school days. Here we are in 2018, and now ponytails have come a long way from that simple quick fix to one of the most experimented hairdos in fashion world. I can’t wait to present to you that five total go-to ponytail hairstyles. You can really learn a thing or two from here. Ponytail with a pouf Does this hairstyle really need an introduction? Well I doubt it since…

  • Simple hairstyles for Indian women
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    10 simple hairstyles that every Indian girl can try in 2018

    A new year means a slew of new hairstyles to try and incorporate into your already fabulous grooming section. In 2018, we are finally saying goodbye to unicorns! This might not be what you want to hear but that’s just the way it is. Popular hairstyles can change overnight. Let’s face it! So now is the perfect time to trade in those unicorn hairstyles and opt for something a little more natural. We have zeroed in on ten of the most simple and wearable hairstyles for girls to try in 2018: If you are not familiar with the common terms of the hairstyling world, here’s a handy guide: Hairstyles for…