• Ranveer Singh hair and beard styles
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    7 Ranveer Singh hair + beard styles to try in 2018

    Ranveer Singh is arguably the most stylish person in Bollywood right now. He looks great, dresses aptly and has penned deals with some of the biggest production houses in Indian cinema- this guy can do no wrong. If it was not for his eccentric life style and quirky sunglass choices, most people would name his stunning hair and beard as the no.1 reason to love him (or at least we would). Of course, that’s not taking anything away from his acting! Ranveer has had a lot of hairstyles in his stint with Bollywood and its frankly difficult to put all of them in to a single post. So here are…

  • Parmih Verma pompadour and fade hairstyle India
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    15 top Fade haircuts by Indian models

    In today’s world, you probably can’t walk an inch without bumping into someone with a Fade. It’s that popular and best of all, highly versatile. Earlier it was paired mostly to short hair but now, everything from medium to extra-long can be styled with one. What is a fade? The fade is basically a variation of the Undercut. While the latter is cut throughout on one trimmer setting, the fade has varying length from top to bottom. This gives an impression of the hairstyle fading in to the skin, and hence the name. The Basic fade style has thick hair just below the crown area of the head which gradually…

  • Parmish Verma disconnected Undercut hairstyle
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    Disconnected Undercut – Get it now! (8 top styles)

    A style that has been gaining huge popularity in recent years is the Disconnected Undercut. As its name suggest, it is a variation of the popular undercut but with more profound transition between longer and shorter hair. This is a favorite among models and is liked for its versatility! The DU gives a modern twist to a classic style, and is one reason why its so popular. Further, it can be paired to virtually anything on the top and still be elegant enough to be worn with a suit. Want something other than the disconnected? Check out this awesome guide to Indian men’s hairstyles Disconnected Undercut – How to style?…

  • Virat Kohli hair and beard styles
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    10 Best Virat Kohli hair + beard styles for 2018

    Virat Kohli is, arguably, one of the best cricketers of our generation. His record-breaking stints in the past couple of years have not only earned him a loyal legion of fans but also sponsorship from some of the biggest names in the world. He is not a big fashion icon though, and his hairstyles have more or less been an evolution of what they were 2-3 years back. Nonetheless, the man knows how to present himself and a bad look from him is virtually non-existent. Like most Delhi guys, Virat loves the Fade. He has worn it for most part of his senior professional career and even now, shows no…

  • top 10 hairstyles for Indian men
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    Top 10 trending hairstyles for Indian men in 2018

    Here are the top 10 trending hairstyles which you can try in 2018. We have compiled this list based on popular feedback from our social media handles, especially Instagram. 2017 was one of the best years as far as hairstyling is concerned and we felt that there was more curiosity surrounding some of the hairstyles we endorsed, quirky ones included. People have begun to experiment and that’s a good sign. Celebrity association played a huge role in some of these hairstyles trending in the first two months of 2018. However, for the most part, men’s hairstyle in 2018 will be all about free-flowing nature. A guide to Indian men’s hairstyles…