Is Khadi Natural Shampoo organic and chemical free
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Is Khadi Natural really organic and chemical (SLS) free?

Khadi Natural herbal products

Khadi Natural is one brand that has been gaining lot of attention in recent years. They are a registered license holder from Khadi Gram Udyog (an Indian govt. company) and sell a number of cleansing products.

The sole aim of Khadi is to uplift the village industries and their products are usually produced by hand, using ingredients which were grown locally. So you can even say that they are not just great for your hair and skin, but also adding a small part in to India’s development.

Lately though, there have been lots of question on whether Khadi products are completely natural or if they are truly chemical free. What adds to this confusion is their reluctance to put all the ingredients on the bottle. They don’t mention the preservatives either and only some of the (higher priced) products are labelled as SLS and Paraben-free!

Here’s what we think:

Are Khadi Natural hair products really natural and organic?

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Yes. All Khadi natural products are made up of herbal active ingredients which are formulated from organically grown pure plant extracts. These include Reetha, Shikaki, Bhringraj, Aloevera, Amla and more. They are claimed to be developed under the guidance of qualified Ayurvedic doctors.

Since Khadi natural products are predominantly organic concoctions, there’s no wrong in calling them a natural solution.

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Does that mean they are 100% chemical free?

Khadi natural herbal shampoo shikakai amla

Not exactly! It’s hard to create a completely chemical-free product and sell it at a price that’s affordable to the masses. So Khadi Naturals do use some kind of chemicals (including preservatives) to make them easy to manufacture and use. However, these are not as harmful as some of the other shampoos that we use.

What are the chances of SLS and Parabens being present?

Even though it is not specifically mentioned in the bottle, if you are using a real Khadi Natural product, it is unlikely that there will be SLS or Parabens in it. This brand strives in its organic approach and it would be disastrous for them to keep something like that hidden in the long run. Also, every one of their shampoos has reetha (Sapindus Mukurossi) extract which is a natural surfactant and an alternative to SLS.

Important update: Some of our visitors have notified that few Khadi Natural products lather really well, in fact similar to chemical shampoos. However, organic mixtures have mild surfacants and are usually really hard to foam. So we send a email to Khadi Naturals asking whether some of their products have SLS, and this is the email we received back:

Khadi natural use sls and paraben

So there you go, atleast some of the Khadi natural products do use SLS and Parabens. This is too big an information for Khadi to conceal and we feel cheated! Sincerely hope they become more transparent about the ingredients!

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