How to use Hair Spray correctly
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How to use Hair Spray for long lasting hold

Indians have been cosying up to the idea of using Hair sprays for the longest time now. Sprays are pretty much replacing gels and other hair serums from the shelves, and are really popular among college-going students. However, one thing that we see time and again is that hair sprays have low customer retention. People usually buy one as an experiment, use it for a couple of days, doesn’t get the intended effect and then go back to what they were using. Of course, quality might be a reason but more often than not, not knowing how to use it properly becomes the deciding factor!

Let me tell you this, hair sprays should be your go to product for getting that all-day long hold. Unlike gels, they only form a thin film on the surface of hair and are thus not as bad for the scalps in the long run. They have a wide variety of other uses as well, including that all-important volume increasing effect!

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Here’s how you use hair sprays correctly:

Choosing the right one

Best hair spray to choose

Just like hair gels, Hair sprays come is a number of different types. There is low, mild and even rock-hard variants but picking one at random is not the right way to go. Instead, find the level of your hair thickness and zero in on a hairstyle that you want to choose first.

Its better to keep a 2-3 hair spray options at home so that you can use them according to need.

Hair Thickness: If you have very thick hair, hair will stand up to a degree regardless of whether you use outside products. So even low or mild hair sprays can give a strong hold. As the thickness reduces, stronger products become necessary.

Hairstyle: Type of hairstyle also determines the kind of hair spray you need. Spiked and slicked back styles work best with harder variants of hair spray while quiffs and combovers could use milder ones. Short hairstyle generally require the lowest strength level.

In case of women, pouffed styles and up-dos require stronger hair sprays to keep them in place. Flowy waves and shorter hairstyles don’t require as much, unless your hair is thin and you want to add more volume.

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Don’t think for a second that you can style your hair while using hair spray. Hair sprays are there to hold the final style in place and not to achieve it in the first place. So always pick a hairstyle first.

Use you hands: Most people try to spray the hair immediately after styling. The problem with this is that hair doesn’t usually stick to its place.  So first spray some of the product on your hand and use it to light-hold the irregular hair and bushy sides in place.

Remember, once you spray there’s no coming back!

Once you have styled you hair, It’s time to use the spray.

Getting that perfect hold

Model applying hair spray for more volume

Once you have all the hair sorted and in their intended place, its time to spray. Don’t hold the hair spray too close to your head. This will lead to over saturation. Instead, keep it at arms length and then spray on the hair.

Try to cover the eyes and hold your breath while spraying.

Once you have applied the hair spray, keep it for sometime. Never try to style the hair again unless you want to mess it up.

That’s it! Hope I’ve given some insight in to how to use Hair Sprays properly. Feel free to ask any doubts in the comment section below.

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