Rouhallah Quazim beard styles for Indian men

28 Popular beard styles that Indian men can try

Rouhallah Quazim beard styles for Indian men

You know what Indian men, atleast most of them, have no shortage off: the beard and moustache. We are rather gifted in these two aspects and it’s not hard to see young men in their eary-20s sporting a full-beard nowadays. If nothing else, the all-so-popular Van Dyke (French beard) and goatee are essential part of any Indian men’s grooming section.

Beard is a very important styling accessory and can be used to compliment your hairstyle as well as accentuate face structures. Here’s a guide to choosing the best beard styles for your face shape: Beard + face shape.

Here’s a list of 42 different beard styles that you can try:

Short and concentrated beard

Short beard styles Indian men

Stubble: Once seen as casual and unkempt, the Stubble is quickly gaining ground as an everyday-occasion beard. It is basically the short, stiff hair that grows on a man’s face when he hasn’t shaved for a while but nowadays a short trimmed beard is what defines it.

This beard can be achieved in variety of lengths and styles, but the three most popular ones are 5’o clock shadow (designer stubble), light stubble and long stubble.

Chin Strap: The Chin strap is a short tuft of beard that lines the chin and jaw. It looks like a strap holding up the chin, and hence the name.

The Winnfield: This is not a very popular beard style, lest you remember Samuel L Jackson’s face in the iconic movie Pulp Fiction. This beard involves having a thick handlebar moustache and long sideburns that do not connect.

Brett beard: The Brett beard is basically a professional version of the chin strap with an extension in the chin area.

Side burns: If you can’ quite grow a full beard yet, go for the quirky sideburns. You can style any way you want but just don’t be overly adventurous.

Van dyke (French beard): Historically, the French beard was characterised by short facial hair in the chin area and an unconnected curved moustache. However, nowadays it has a broader definition and encompasses everything in a circle beard. The definition for French beard has since been taken over by the Van Dyke.

Goatee: Goatee is not just one of the most popular beard styles in the world; it is also one of the most flexible. A number of variations are possible depending on the shape of the beard and moustache. Some Goatee styles include classic Goatee, full Goatee and petite Goatee.

Anchor:  The Anchor beard has an uncanny resemblance to the anchor of a ship. It is basically a combination of a stache and Brett beard.

Goat patch: The Goat patch is a thick strip of hair covering the chin area, extending all the way up to just below the lower lip.

Soul Patch: It is a small patch of triangular hair below the lower lip.

Medium beard styles

medium length beard styles Indian men

Corporate beard: It is a shorter, tidier version of the full-beard which is perfect for a corporate environment. We’ve seen a lot of these around in the past couple of year, especially after many companies liberalised the norm surrounding clean-shaven look.

Short boxed beard: While a full beard is good for casual setting, if you have to attend meetings on the side, a short boxed beard is the way to go. It has carefully chiselled sides and cropped moustache, and best of all, goes great with a suit.

Hollywood-style: This is basically the short boxed beard with long, unkempt hair hanging down.

Chin Curtain– Similar to the Chin strip but just with a little more hair, like a curtain.

Duck tail: This is a full-beard style which is short at the sides and tapering close to the chin. It almost makes a sharp triangle in the chin area.

Extended Goatee:  Extended Goatee, as its name suggests, is a Goatee which is extended to the sides. The hair is allowed to grow a bit and is maintained at medium length.

Balbo: Though there are variations, the Balbo beard should essentially look like an inverted ‘T’. It has a short moustache and a goat patch that extends to the sides along the jawline.

Norse skipper: This is basically a really long and thick goat patch.

Mutton Chop & Wolverine: The Mutton chop is so called because it resembles a chopped mutton piece. This beard has a strong sideburn that extends through the cheek, on to the corner of the face. The sideburns/beard doesn’t meet at the chin, and this style doesn’t have a moustache.

Popularised by Hugh Jackman in his iconic role for the movie with the same name, the Wolverine is a slightly different version of the Mutton Chop. It is angular and has a connection between the two sideburns at the chin.

Friendly Mutton Chop and Hulihee: The Friendly Mutton Chop is a Mutton Chop connected by a moustache. It is a more approachable version among the chopped beard styles.

When the side beards are grown out in a Friendly Mutton Chop it is called a Hulihee.

Dutch: This is an old-school beard style which is no-nonsense and all-masculine. The beard is allowed to grow out at the lower edges of the face and generally, no moustache is present.

Long beard styles

Long bead styles Indian men

Full beard: This one needs no introduction and is basically a beard that’s grown out. This is a casual and care-free style, worn best by a man among men. Perfect for your next mountaineering trip!

Yeard: This is the craziest style in this list and involves growing out a beard for one year without trimming it, shaving it, touching it, pretty much doing anything. Definitely not for the faint-hearted or for those who lack patience.

French Fork: French fork is another full length beard which is parted right at the middle of the chin area. Nowadays it is not widely used, for very obvious reasons I guess.

Old Dutch: The Old Dutch is a vintage version of the Dutch beard style, and is twice as long and thick.

Garibaldi: The Garibaldi is a natural full-length beard which can best be described as an Old Dutch with a moustache. It is neat and has a rounded bottom.

Verdi: This is another long beard which is slightly styled and tapered. The Verdi has curved ‘Imperial’ beard which gives it a signature look.

Sparrow: This is the quirkiest and arguably, the least applicable beard style. So unless you are doing a Jack Sparrow cosplay, it’s best not to delve in it too much. This is a variation of the anchor style and additionally involves two braided strand to hair extending downward from the chin.

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