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Top men’s hairstyles for medium length hair

They say medium is the new short and that’s probably true. Gone are the times when people opted for a standard businessman haircut at their barber’s. They are now experimenting, and where better to do this than on hair which blends best of both worlds.

Medium hair is flexible enough to be used for a variety of haircuts. These include the classic pompadour, quiff, fringe, comb-over and more. Sides can be styled as well but most people limit them to undercut and fades.

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Depending on their length, medium hairstyles can be broadly classified as short-medium and long-medium. Here are some top hairstyles that fall in to each:

Short Medium hairstyles

Obviously these are the shorter variants of medium hairstyles. They can’t quite be classified as short- which are usually uni-track and devoid of many styling options, and unless you are my mother, they are not long either.

Haircuts for men with short hair

Endless new possibilities arise once you have medium length hair.

Formal Medium-Combover with scissor-cut sides

Jakobkonnbjer medium combover hairstyle
Jakobkonnbjer medium combover hairstyle

This is a hairstyle that’s all the rage now! The slick combover is perfect for any formal setting, whether it’s for a Job interview or your friend’s marriage. It is usually paired to a modest scissor cut on the sides. Depending on the setting, you can even tone down the style with an Undercut or fade- this will bring a playful nature.

The Formal Combover is usually paired to a level-3 stubble beard, almost in the same length as the sides.

Standard scissor cut with blow dried front

Saqib Saleem standard scissor cut hairstyle
Saqib Saleem standard scissor cut hairstyle

If you want the regular Joe look, nothing works better than the scissor cut. The scissor achieves a human amount of (perfect) imperfections that electric equipment cant. It’s also an all-day, every day semi-formal look, and is perfect for impressing your girlfriend’s parents next time around.

This is one of those hairstyles where a short messy beard looks good. So if you have less facial hair or if it’s just starting to grow, this is the one for you.

Mid fade and thick moustache for bald men

Fahad Fazil bald men hairstyles - Fade and moustache
Fahad Fazil- Bald men’s hairstyle

Sweating about your receding hairline? Can’t style the hair like you used to? Well, we have a great hairstyle for all you balding men. You can look good with any amount of hair as long as you find the right combination, as is shown by Mollywood actor Fahad Fazil above.

Instead of covering up the bald patches with a combover, Fahad (rather his stylist) has combed his hair in to a curl on the top. Sides have enough hair and come complimented by a medium fade.

If you can grow one, nothing will suit this hairstyle more than a thick moustache (and a goatee). Pair it with a short stubble beard in the same length as the fade.

Quiff with the hardest ‘part’ ever

Allu Arjun Quiff and hard part hairstyle - Naa Peru Surya
Allu Arjun Quiff and hard part hairstyle – Naa Peru Surya

If you want something a bit more adventurous, try Tollywood actor Allu Arjun’s style for the movie ‘Naa Peru Surya’. He has a short standard Quiff but what stands out is a half-inch wide hard part. It is tapered and incomplete, and gives off a rustic charm.

The messy spikes and layers

Ranbir Kapoor messy spikes and layers
Ranbir Kapoor messy spikes and layers

This style is not in vogue right now but hey, if it looks good on you, try it! The messy spikes basically involves spiking the hair an unruly fashion. For a sophisticated approach, pair it to layers on the front and sides.

People with thin hair can try this hairstyle as well.

The regular side comb

Zain Imam regular side comb hairstyle
Zain Imam regular side comb hairstyle

If you are looking for a basic medium length hairstyle, try this one . It simple, effective and as it name suggest, can be easily styled with a comb.

The Regular side comb hairstyle is achieved by combing your hair to one of the side, or to the back. Hair will look slightly messy and this style is not easily manageable. Nonetheless, it’s popular among college going dudes.

You probably look best with a wet look, so a buy a product that helps you achieve this. A basic scissor cut will suffice on the sides.

Long Medium hairstyles

The problem with short medium hair is that some of the more popular styles don’t work. However, once your hair length breaks the 3-inch barrier, it is qualified enough to be called long-medium. Then a huge list of new possibilities open up!

We’ve shortlisted some of the most popular ones:

Classic combed medium hairstyle

Dulquer Salmaan classic long medium hairstyle
Dulquer Salmaan’s classic long-medium hairstyle

If your hair is thick and easily stylable, a simple comb is enough to get you that perfect look! Mollywood actor Dulquer Salmaan sports this hairstyle almost every other time.

In Dulquer’s case, he parted most of the hair to one side. The sides receive a short scissor cut and the hair is combed down so that the parting is visible. Pair it to a short stubble and Voila!

The Faux hawk

Theformaledit Faux Hawk hairstyle model
Model Theformaledit Faux Hawk hairstyle

The Faux hawk steadily rose in ranks recently and is currently one of the more popular styles in the Indian modelling circuit. The Faux Hawk, unlike the Mohawk, has lesser distinction between the length of hair on the top and sides.  It looks great but is usually hard to manage and requires periodic maintenance.

The Classic Pompadour

Vidyut Jammwal classic Pompadour hairstyle medium length
Vidyut Jammwal classic Pompadour hairstyle

Try the Classic Pompadour if you have strong facial features like Elvis. It comes with a prominent pouf/pomp at the front and that’s about it! Sides are usually cut short.

If you want a bit more from the style, try the non-edgy modern pompadour. Here the pomp is not as prominent, and the sides and rear usually come paired to an undercut or fade.

Undercut with short side fringe

Shahid Kapoor medium length hairstyle fringe and undercut
Shahid Kapoor medium length hairstyle – fringe and undercut

If you are feeling lazy, pair an Undercut with medium-length hair and short side-swept fringe.

When hair falls on to the forehead it’s called a fringe or a bang. It is often used as a back-up hairstyle.

Guide to Indian men’s hairstyle

It’s hard carrying around a quiff or faux-hawk all the time. So if you are not feeling up to them, comb your hair down and set them free! Also, unless you are going for the sexy geek or EMO look, don’t overdo the Fringe!

Medium comb-over and highlights

Varun Dhawan Combover medium length hairstyle
Varun Dhawan Combover- Medium length hairstyle

This style is best tried if you have sleek long hair. In the above picture, Varun Dhawan is sporting a strong combover with brown highlights. The sides have a mild fade.

This is a popular hairstyle among college going students and its recent stint in some Bollywood movies has only fueled this.

Curly hair

Mens curly medium hairstyle Tiger Shroff

Don’t hide your curls. The hottest of men have them and women love it! You just need to flaunt them correctly.

Hair types and care tips

Curly hair is best left in its natural form. However, these types of hair are susceptible to breakage and intense care should be taken to cut split ends and keep them clean.

Spiked-up textured hair

Ranbeer Singh spike textured hairstyle

This is a modern spiked look with lots of texture. The textured hair is hard to achieve and is best tried if you have thick hair- that’s why Ranveer Singh is sporting one!

The hairstyle is product-intensive and requires lots of styling.

Slicked back

Sidharth medium slickback hairstyle Kammara Sambavam

How can we forget this one! The Slick-back is an all-time classic and you can see it in virtually every mafia movie. Saif Ali Khan is one of the few celebrities who has it regularly. Tamil actor Sidharth sported one for his recent malayalam movie.

There you go! If your hair has reached medium-length, these are some of the styles you can choose. We will post more updates soon, so subscribe and stay tuned.

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