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Top haircuts for Indian men with Short hair

Indian men like their hair short and simple, and who can blame them? Its low maintenance, take ages till the next haircut and is simple enough to be worn for any occasion. However, short and simple are not words that often go together, as far a modern day hairstyling is considered.

Today we have a number of variations for short hair. It goes well with many other styles as well. So, there’s really no excuse for you to continue with the same hairstyles that you had since childhood. Find the right one, experiment and have fun!

Here are some awesome short hairstyles that you can try:

The really short hairstyles

When it comes to short hairstyles, everything above the one which lets others see their face on your head is ‘really’ short. These hairstyles are usually perceived as more macho, and are perfect if you have a strong jawline and rectangular face.

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Burr Cut

Burr cut Ranveer Singh short hairstyle
Ranveer Singh short hairstyle- Burr cut

In case of Burr cut, hair is cut in the last possible setting of the trimmer and it results in an almost bald head. Since it accentuates whatever is in your face, only try if you have strong facial features or facial hair.  Going bald is another reason though!

Buzz Cut

Buzz cut Aditya Roy Kapoor short hairstyle
Aditya Roy Kapoor short hairstyle- Buzz cut

The Burr cut is actually a variation of the Buzz cut. Here you cut your hair in a low trimmer setting, not necessarily the smallest one.  This results in a thicker amount of hair on the top and sides, and is not as effective on the face as the Buzz.

Military (Army) cut

R A D S H A (SENTHIL) Military or army haircut short
Military or army haircut short- R A D S H A (SENTHIL)

The Army or Military usually has a little more hair on the top when compared to the Buzz cut. It is often interchangeable with the Crew cut and comes with a low fade or a short undercut.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut Tiger Shroff Short hairstyle
Tiger Shroff Short hairstyle- Crew cut

In case of Crew Cut, short amount of hair is left on the top and is stylable. Its sides will have a deep undercut, or a high or medium fade.

What to combine with these really short hairstyles

The Buzz and Burr cut are one-length throughout and any variations to its hair length pushes it to other styles all together. Therefore, these styles are best paired to patterns, slits or even a head tattoo.

The Military cut, as its name suggests, has a formal tune to it and is best left raw and untouched. A low fade will look good.

Crew Cut is the most versatile among the ones above and you should definitely improvise on something new if you are going to try it. These could include high and medium fade, hard part, disconnected and skin fades, hair highlights and more.

The everyday, everywhere short hairstyles

Messy and short

Messy and short hairstyle for Indian men
Messy and short hairstyle for Indian men

If you have short hair, there no need to constantly take care of it. In fact, most of the time I usually brush my hair with hand, and that’s it- simple and effective. Take care though, if you have thin hair this will lead to curls and possibe breakage as hair grows back. So this style is at best an occasional style statement.


Sidharth Malhotra regular short hairstyle
Sidharth Malhotra regular short hairstyle

The regular hairstyle, is.. well, a ‘regular’ hairstyle. All average Joes are wearing one and if you are anything like me, you are probably fed up seeing it too. Nonetheless, it’s very popular and worth trying if you have the face for it.

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Business haircut Harvey Specter short hairstyle
Harvey Specter short hairstyle- Businessman cut

The Business man, unlike the Regular, takes a bit more work, is usually done in a professional setting and cost a lot more. Remember Harvey Specter’s hairstyle was stated as costing 100s of dollars in the popular series ‘Suits’, and that’s not wrong! These kinds of styles might look simple but are usually done by highly trained stylists, so as to provide an intimidating and confident aura that the above said character so effortlessly has.

Ivy League or college

Ivy League college hairstyle Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor short hairstyle- Ivy League college cut

The Ivy league look is popular among college-going students. Its styled as a messy quiff, and is short and maintenance-free. It is popular among younger people for its ease of styling and long-lasting nature.

The ‘long’ short hair

Quiff hairstyle for men with short hair
Quiff hairstyle for men with short hair

If your hair has grown out a bit but not enough to call medium-length, there are styles for you too.  Though a bit outdated, spiking-up is still the most popular way to go.  If you want a modern twist, try the Quiff.

Try combover and hard part if your hair is border-line medium length.

Combover and beard for short hair
Combover and beard for short hair

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