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15 top Fade haircuts by Indian models

In today’s world, you probably can’t walk an inch without bumping into someone with a Fade. It’s that popular and best of all, highly versatile. Earlier it was paired mostly to short hair but now, everything from medium to extra-long can be styled with one.

What is a fade?

The fade is basically a variation of the Undercut. While the latter is cut throughout on one trimmer setting, the fade has varying length from top to bottom. This gives an impression of the hairstyle fading in to the skin, and hence the name.

The Basic fade style has thick hair just below the crown area of the head which gradually fades as you go down. However, numerous styles have since popped-up, including medium and low fades. In order to provide more oomph, patterns, hard parts and slits are occasionally mated to this style.

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Types of fade haircuts

As I said, the Fade can be paired to virtually any kind of haircut and you will still come out looking good. Here are some of the styles that are in vogue right now!

High-low fade and layered comboover

High-low fade and layered combo-over

The high-low fade is one of the most trending hairstyles of 2018. It involves two distinct shades of hair on the sides- one dark and other light. They are usually hard parted (twice), with the lower one getting skin fade.

The High-Low fade is loved for its eye-turning abilities. However, it is relatively high on maintenance ad requires periodic visits to your stylists.

Low fade and high man bun

Low fade and high man bun hairstyles

The bun is, ironically, one of the manliest hairstyles. It looks good on its own and doesn’t really require anything else to accentuate the overall style. Pairing it to a low fade, takes away some its free-flowing nature, and may or may not be desirable depending on the kind of person you are. You won’t go wrong with having a beard though.

If you don’t know, a low fade is when the actual fade starts lower down the sides, below the medium line.

Medium fade with hair colour and highlights

Medium fade with hair colour and highlights boys hairstyles

In medium fade, the fade starts from medium length of the sides. It is best chosen if you have lots of hair on the top.

The model above has paired his fade with a golden coloured faux hawk and brown highlights.

Modern pompadour and medium fade haircut

Modern pompadour and medium length fade

The modern Pompadour is another interesting style that you can pair to the medium fade. Couple it to a chin strap if you can’t grow a full beard yet.

Classic Pomp and high fade haircut

Classic Pomp and high fade Fayez Behzad
Model Fayez Behzad

Not a fan of the modern pomp? Then try the classic pompadour. This style usually has a very prominent, rounded pomp at the front. Pair it to a high fade to get a classic touch.

Note: Unlike low and medium fades, high fade starts from just below the head crown and is usually accompanied by a hard part.

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High fade with long wavy hair

High fade with long wavy hair Sergio Gonzalez Fdz
model Sergio Gonzalez Fdz

If you have long hair, try the messy waves. Pair it to a high fade and even a short stubble to get the perfect look for any occasion.

Different types of beard styles

High fade, hard part and stiff quiff

High fade, hard part and stiff quiff hairstyle

Another interesting style is the modern quiff or stiff quiff, as we like to call it. It involves a standard quiff in which hair is styled to perfection, in a definite pattern.

Pair it with a high fade and provide a thick part to give clear distinction between the top and sides.

Pompadour, high fade and highlights

Pompadour, high fade and highlights jeger.jr.99
model jeger.jr.99

A thick pompadour is best paired to a high fade. Getting contrasting highlights will further help to improve the style.

Messy Quiff and fade

Messy Quiff and fade barzan_nhelii
Model barzan_nhelii

If you are not too keen on spending lots of time at the stylist, try this messy quiff and high fade combo. Its top portion can even be styled by hand and there’s a casual vibe about the entire set-up.

Faux Hawk and medium fade

Faux Hauk and medium fade yosef.n.j
Model yosef.n.j

Thought the faux hawk went out of style? Well it’s back, and longer than ever. In this purticular style, hair is grown out at the front and carefully held up with a good hair spray. It is complimented with a medium length fade and a hard part separating them.

Pattern fade, hard part and layered Pomp

Pattern fade, hard part and layered Pomp serbest_official
model serbest_official

Instead of usual fade style, you can even go for a pattern fade. This involves styling the fade in to a definite shape, such a curves or triangles, at the front. Hard parting is an almost inevitable addition if you are going for the high or medium fades.

The model above is sporting a classic, front-concentrated pompadour with quirky layers.

Medium fade, layered spikes and hair slits

Medium fade, layered spikes and hair slits

Another interesting way to oomph up the fade is by adding slits on your hair. This 3-slit style is very popular and the model here has paired it to beautiful layered spikes.

Low fade and layered faux hawk with highlights

Low fade and layered faux hawk with highlights omedbarwarii
model omedbarwarii

Try a thicker faux hawk if you have the hair for it. Pair it to a modest low fade as anything more will be too edgy.

Combover and low fade haircuts

Combover and low fade Basicallymenz
image Basicallymenz

If you want something simple, try the modest combover and pair it to a low fade and medium stubble beard.

Hope you have got some inspirations for your next fade style! Subscribe and stay tuned!

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