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Top 10 trending hairstyles for Indian men in 2018

Here are the top 10 trending hairstyles which you can try in 2018. We have compiled this list based on popular feedback from our social media handles, especially Instagram.

2017 was one of the best years as far as hairstyling is concerned and we felt that there was more curiosity surrounding some of the hairstyles we endorsed, quirky ones included. People have begun to experiment and that’s a good sign.

Celebrity association played a huge role in some of these hairstyles trending in the first two months of 2018. However, for the most part, men’s hairstyle in 2018 will be all about free-flowing nature.

A guide to Indian men’s hairstyles and how to get them!

Natural and long- Ranveer Singh

Long hairstyle Ranveer singh India

Long and unkempt natural hair was trending in the first months of 2018. Ranveer Singh popularly sported it as Alauddin Khilji for the controversial movie ‘Padmaavat’ but even before that, Jason Mamoa was seen with it for the role of Aquaman.

Sadly, the hairstyle is out of reach for most Indian men. For the ones who have long hair though, try growing it out for a few months with occasional nips and tucks from your stylist.

Slick-back medium hairstyle- Saif Ali Khan

Slick back mafia hairstyle Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan is one of the few actors who look dapper in this medium-length, slicked back hairstyle. This style never goes out of vogue and is perfect for any formal occasion.

Men with a receding hairline can pull this look to perfection but then again, it was probably the same hairstyle that caused the condition to escalate in the first place. So exercise caution.

Short Pompadour with shaved side parts- Ravindra Jadeja

Pompadour Indian hairstyle Ravindra Jadeja


Pompadours where trending throughout 2017 and now, short ones have come to the limelight. Ravidra Jadeja recently sported one with shaven side parts and he looked absolutely stunning. We wouldn’t be surprised if more such examples pop up in our home screen in the coming days.

Single-side Undercut- Dulquer Salmaan

Single Side Undercut Dulquer Salmaan

Great if you have borderline-long medium length hair, the single-sided undercut has a fading tuft of hair parted from one side to the other. The starting side has an undercut (hence the name) whose level varies according to the thickness of hair on top.

Many celebrities from Shahid Kapoor to Shushant Singh Rajput have donned this hairstyle.

Round-Tousled layers with highlight- Hardik Pandya

Round-Tousled layers with highlights- Hardik Pandya

This look has been gaining a lot of traction in the past couple of months. Like Hardik Pandya’s example here, most people are keen on pairing the layers with blond highlights to get a flashier appearance.

Messy hair with thick beard- Tovino Thomas

Messy wavy hair with beard Tovino

As far as hairstyles in this list goes, this one requires the least work. However, if you have a messy Viking beard like Malayalam actor Tovino here, pairing it with unkempt medium length hair can do wonders to your style statement

Crew cut- Tiger Shroff

Crew cut Tiger Shroff short hairstyle

Tiger Shroff has let lot of his hair go this year and will sport a macho crew cut for his upcoming film Bhaagi 2. This is an evergreen hairstyle that is best if you have some bulk in your body.

Gentleman Fade- Virat Kohli

Fade hairstyle Virat Kohli

A Gentleman fade is an elegant hairstyle which is popular among young corporate workers. It is not as dramatic as some of the other fade style but helps to accentuate your face shape. Looks good with a suit too!

Medium length combover- Shahid Kapoor

Comb over hairstyle Shahid Kapoor

This is another popular hairstyle for men with medium length hair. Usually the hair is trimmed slightly more on the sides and then a comb over is employed at the top. This hair gracefully flows on to the sides of the forehead.

Man Bun- Ayushmann Khurrana

Man bun hairstyle Ayushmann Khurrana

The man bun is a very simple hairstyle which almost everyone with long hair can try. Pair it with a thick beard and you’ve got an instant hit with the ladies.


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