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One side Undercut | What is it & How to style

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The Undercut is arguably the most popular hairstyle in the world right now, that is, if the Fade is seen as one of its variation. It is has a number of variations and can be combined with a variety of styles. Further, it is versatile enough to be used at both formal and casual settings.

An Undercut style that has been gaining lots of attention in recent times is the One side or single side. It slightly deviates from the core principles of Undercut, and is not something that can be combined with short hairstyles. Instead, this is best paired to medium length hair

One side Undercut- What is it?

It is exactly as its name suggest! The One side Undercut is a style in which only one side of your hair is trimmed off. The other side is untouched or gets off with modest styling, in-tune with the hair on top.

An interesting specialty of this hairstyle is that you get a different style for each side of your face. While one is sharp and trimmed courtesy of the undercut, the other is kept messy and free – best of both worlds!

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One side Undercut Shahid Kapoor

How to style

Before you style, it’s important to know that the One side Undercut requires good amount of hair on the top, and that too in a specific style. Short hairstyles such as crew and buzz don’t work, and even longer ones such as Pompadour and spikes can’t be adopted. Instead, what you require is a long tuft of hair parted to one side. Whether its natural, straight, messy or curly doesn’t matter.

Steps to style a single side Undercut:

The steps involved are as straight forward as its name. You just need to understand the basics:

  • First, trim off hair from a side of your choosing. The level of trim depends on your comfort zone, and can be as quirky as a skin fade or as modest as a level-3.
  • Part your hair to the opposite side of the undercut. A hard part helps to increase the oomph factor!
  • Slightly trim the hair at the top so as to reduce any pouf due to counter brushing.
  • Cut of the excess hair falling on to the other side so that it gently fades in to it.  Ever-so-slightly trim it as well to provide a professional touch.
  • Styling of the back depends on your taste and you can either trim it all off, or set a pattern.

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Styling tips

These are certain thing you should understand before choosing this hairstyle:

Not familiar with hair nomenclature? here’s a guide

  • The One side Undercut is best suited for medium length hair which doesn’t cover either of the sides when parted.
  • Hair on the non-undercut side should be an extension of the hair on top. That is, the hair above should fade in to that side
  • It’s better not to make the Undercut too short or too long, lest it break the style.
  • However, if you are going for a skin fade, pairing it to a pattern will work wonders. The more adventurous ones can even go for a head tattoo!
  • This style require periodic maintenance. So visit your barber occasionally.

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