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Have you seen Virat Kohli’s IPL 2018 hairstyle?

Indian cricket team and Royal Challengers Bangalore’s skipper, Virat Kohli, will sport an all-new haircut for the 2018 edition of Indian Premier League (IPL). He revealed this style on his Instagram handle with a caption:

Great cut from the style master @AalimHakim

Aalim Hakim is a celebrity hairstylist and does most of Virat’s hair.

With more than 1.7 million likes on Instagram, this is easily one of the most popular hairstyling pictures of this week! You can understand why he recently won Instagram’s ‘most engaged account’ award.

More celebrity hairstylist:

Avan Contractor of BBlunt

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About the Style – Mid Bald Fade & Quiff

Virat Kohli IPL 2018 haircut style

This is a very common hairstyle in the fashion circuit and like Virat’s, is usually paired with a beard. Specifically speaking, this is a mid-bald fade with quiff at the top.

The hair cut involves a skin fade from just above the center area of the sides while keeping hair thick on the others! You can pair this to various styles on the top, including combover, pompadour and as you see here, a short quiff!

Not familiar with hair styling nomenclature? Here’s a Handy guide!

We’ve got more of Virat’s hairstyles as well! : Best Virat Kohli hair + beard styles for 2018

Here are some variations

There are a bunch of variations of the medium fade that you can give a try:

The mid fade with pompadour

Angled Medium fade with pompadour

Pairing the mid fade (and slightly angled at that) with a pompodour is always a good idea. It is classy and feel-good, and will suit men of any age.

The watered-down version

Zayn Malik medium fade hairstyle

For those who think that the skin fade is little beyond their boundaries, you could always go for its milder version. This is borderline low-fade and can accommodate lots of variations at the top

Textured hair colour and medium fade

Men's midium fade hairstyle with platinum hair colour

If you are feeling super experimental, go for the textured colour fade!

The model here is sporting platinum hair colour all through out.

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