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Model Shiyas Kareem hair and beard styles [9 Photos]

The popular reality show Big Boss aired in Malayalam for the first time last month. It is hosted by none other than Mohanlal and last we heard, is sweeping-up high TRP ratings left and right. Naturally with millions of people tuned-in everyday, the popularity of contestants has also skyrocketed. One such person is model-turned-actor Shiyas Kareem who hails from Perumbavoor in Ernakulum District of Kerala. The 6-foot plus supermodel has represented India in many fashion ramps in and outside the country, recently winning ‘Mr. Popularity’ and ‘Best Photo Model’ awards at the Mr. Grand Sea international Model Hunt 2018.

While Shiyas is a tall, well-built individual, most Keralites visiting HairstylesIndia obviously want to know the secret to his long natural hair. Unfortunately, we don’t have an interview just yet but if its long natural hair you want try out these sure-shot tips:

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Using Hairspray for long lasting hold

In this post we will check out some of Shiyas’ hair and beard styles. He has an affinity toward long and medium hairstyles, and like most Malayalee men, his beard grows out really well.

Here they are:

Clean combed-back long hair with full beard

Big Boss malayalam Shiyas Kareem long hair and beard

The combed-back has for long been seen as a mature hairstyle and pairing it to a full beard gives off a rugged vibe. Though this style has a unique charm, it is definitely not the most stylish and can even be seen as ‘playing safe‘.

The scruffy hair and beard

Shiyas Kareem long hairstyle, beard and moustache

What is long hair, if not casual? Long hair is meant to be left loose. However, if you want it to be presentable, go for the mild scruffy one. Hair is left wavy- parted or tied in the back, and beard is allowed to grow as nature intended.

Messy long hairstyle with trimmed beard

Messy long hairstyle model Shiyas Kareem

If you are in Goa for the weekend though, let your hair go and have it enjoy the ocean breeze. Denim might not be the best choice however, instead pair your hair with a good tank top and flat shorts.

Center-parted wet hair with extended goatee

Shiyas Kareem medium length wet hairstyle and goatee

If you are a college-going dude with medium length hair, this is one hairstyle you can try. It’s messy and casual, and formal when need be. Pair it to a short stubble or extended goatee for the perfect combination.

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Combover with prominent goatee

Shiyas Kareem medium combover and bulgan beard

Shiyas looks stunning in this formal white shirt and Kasavu mundu, and part of that really has to do with his choice of hair and beard. The Combover is typical among Malayalee men with medium length hair, and goatee, well they are as macho as they come. Thani naadan hair and beard style!

Straight, poufed-up side combed hair

Shiyas Kareem medium hair and short beard

Shiyas loves messy long hair but before he became as famous, the model had a stint with thoroughly kempt medium length hairstyles. His hair was parted from the sides and poufed-up with blow dryer.

Natural medium hair and mild undercut

Hot model Shiyas Kareem hair and beard - big boss malayalam

Pairing medium length hair to a mild undercut can make all the difference, and it is classy and professional. Obviously clean shave can be adopted but going by the current trend, a level-2 stubble would be perfect.

Short hairstyles

Short formal hairstyles of Shiyas Kareem

Shiyas hasn’t had many short hairstyles in the recent past and one which he had, came with a goatee and undercut. He has refrained from cutting hair too short and thus examples are limited.

What do you think about Shiyas Kareem’s hairstyles? Good or not? Comment below:

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