Ranveer Singh hair and beard styles
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7 Ranveer Singh hair + beard styles to try in 2018

Ranveer Singh is arguably the most stylish person in Bollywood right now. He looks great, dresses aptly and has penned deals with some of the biggest production houses in Indian cinema- this guy can do no wrong. If it was not for his eccentric life style and quirky sunglass choices, most people would name his stunning hair and beard as the no.1 reason to love him (or at least we would). Of course, that’s not taking anything away from his acting!

Ranveer has had a lot of hairstyles in his stint with Bollywood and its frankly difficult to put all of them in to a single post. So here are seven of his latest hairstyles that you can try in 2018.

‘College guy’ long straight hair with medium beard

Ranveer college boy hairstyle long and straight

A hit with the ladies, the college guy look is what most actors choose on their debut. It is loved by the family audience as well and enjoys a kind of iconic status in India.

Style: As you might have guessed, this only works if you have long hair. Keeps the hair growing and groom it to be manageable. Smoothening depends on your hair type and comfort levels, and some people do get this level of perfection even without needing the hot rod.

Ranveer has paired the hair to a consistent, medium trimmed beard and moustache.

Tips to grow long natural hair

The formal businessman pomp and stubble

Ranveer formal pompadour hairstyle and stubble beard

If you are a young working gent, keeping it clean and formal is the best way to go. However instead of cutting your hair short, go for a neat pompadour. Its a bit hard to manage, I agree, but you will look apart and definitely get more brownie points from your boss.

The imperial – shaven face and moustache!

Ranveer Singh for Simmba moustache

However, if you are the boss there’s no authority like a nicely curved imperial moustache on a clean shaven face. Pair it to an appropriated hairstyle, preferably short and clean.

Note: the imperial moustache is not for everyone. Always know your face shape before trying anything drastically different.

Beard styles and face shapes – guide

but if you need a beard

Ranveer Singh beard and hairstyle

This style is basically the above one with a beard. You can choose a beard according to your face shape and the formal vibe is instantly turned back to playful.

Ranveer swag – Swept back hairstyle and full beard

Ranveer Swag - Beard style

Most of you probably came here seeing the headlining image! Keeping a full thick beard and pairing it with a swept-hairstyle gives you a lot of swag, even faux aggression. Even the most playful bunch can seem intimidating in this look.

Get an Ushanka if you want to recreate Ranveer’s style.

Caps and hats- Choose an accessory

Biker style- messy beard and long combover

Ranveer Singh Biker hairstyle messy

If you are one for the road, try the biker style with long messy hair and beard. In the picture, Ranveer Singh employs a combover at the top and pairs the style to a leather jacket, thick jeans and high boots (as intended).

The quirky buzz-ponytail combination

Ranveer buzz cut and ponytail

While the buzz cut is not a dramatic style, adding a small flat ponytail brings whole dimensions of quirk. Pair it medium beard and narrow curved moustache to get this look.

So which one do you want to try?

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