David Beckham short hairstyle from the Royal Wedding
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David Beckham says short hairstyles are back, and how!

No one should be allowed to look this good at an another man’s wedding. I am outraged, and surprised that the security even let him in!

In a wedding which saw a guest list of over 600 people, lot of them celebrities, not to mention the royal family, David Beckham was clearly standing a notch above the rest. He came dapper in Dior Homme, with his wife Victoria Beckham at his side and a gorgeous half-frame tortoise sunglass to boost. You can understand why he is Britain’s National treasure!- Protect at all cost.

David Beckham hot photos. Hair and beard styles

Go short this summer!

Summer is the time when most men want to cut their hair short. It gets hot, humid and sweat in hair often leads to dandruff. However, bidding adieu to hair that you have grown throughout the year is an emotionally draining task and most people usually drop the idea altogether. That’s where David Beckham comes in!

The below pictures should be more than enough inspiration for what you should be aiming for this summer. You don’t have to look as good as David, if that’s what you were thinking. Instead, all you need is a face for it!

Guide to Indian men’s hairstyle

Short hairstyles for Indian men

The Hairstyle: David Beckham is sporting (hand-stylable) short hair at the top with a medium undercut. He paired it to a short stubble and similar length mustache.

The great thing about this Hairstyle is that you can style the top whichever way you want. While a short quiff is the general direction, faux hawk, spikes and even a messy one all works great.

Disconnected Undercut

One side Undercut

Beard styles for Indian men

David Beckham Dior Homme suit and hot look at Royal Wedding

David Beckham sunglasses, short stubble beard and suit

David Beckham short hairstyle from side. Sunglasses

David Beckham head and neck tattoo

David and Victoria Bekham at Prince Harry's wedding

David Beckham and Victoria at the Royal Wedding 2018

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