Parmish Verma disconnected Undercut hairstyle
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Disconnected Undercut – Get it now! (8 top styles)

Jr. NTR Disconnected Undercut hairstyle

A style that has been gaining huge popularity in recent years is the Disconnected Undercut. As its name suggest, it is a variation of the popular undercut but with more profound transition between longer and shorter hair. This is a favorite among models and is liked for its versatility!

The DU gives a modern twist to a classic style, and is one reason why its so popular. Further, it can be paired to virtually anything on the top and still be elegant enough to be worn with a suit.

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Disconnected Undercut – How to style?

We’ve already briefed you about the disconnected Undercut but how do you get one? This style is all about creating a noticeable distinction between longer and shorter hair strands. Usually, to get the intended effect, hair is grow-out at the top while it is trimmed down at the sides. This works best, but if you have shorter hair, highlights or textures can give a similar look as well.

Disconnected Undercut’s are maintenance-heavy, and require routine trimming and visits to the hairstylist. However, at the end of the day, this is one style that will never leave you disappointed.

The types of Disconnected Undercut

As I said, this is one of the more versatile haircuts and can be paired to virtually anything on the top. These include Quiff, Pompadour, Combover, Top knot and even Dreads

Disconnected Slick Back

Anil Kapoor Disconnected Slick back undercut
Anil Kapoor wearing a Disconnected Slick Back

The Slick back is an all-time classics, and pairing it to the Disconnected Undercut provides a modern charisma!

Slick back styles have the notoriety of adding maturity to its wearers. This though, is not always desired. An Undercut can not only remove this fault but, surprisingly, make you look younger than usual.

Disconnected Pompadour

Karnars Randhawa Disconnected Pompadour hairstyle
Model: Karnars Randhawa

The Pompadour is popular enough to be featured in every one of our posts. It goes so well with an Undercut that many people see the combination as the most defining style of this decade! That’s a huge praise.

The Pompadour is arguably the most common disconnected style that you will come across. It is fun, youthful and without doubt, an eye-turner.

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Disconnected Top Knot

aso_k0rd disconnected top knot hairstyle Indian

A Disconnected Top Knot can be achieved in the same way as any of the others in this list. However, going for a skin fade would provide more oomph to the top portion.

Disconnected Layers

Gurneet Dosanjh Disconnected texture layers undercut
Model: Gurneet Dosanjh

The disconnected layers are probably the hardest to achieve and require periodic visits to the stylist.

The top portion is textured while its sides are usually given a two-tone bald fade to add a bit more glam.

Disconnected Spikes

Guru Randhawa disconnected spike undercut
Guru Randhawa

The fad of disconnected spikes have ended. It was very popular at a time, and even celebrities like Zayn Malik and  Justin Bieber sported one.

The Disconnected Spike is generally seen as a teen hairstyle, so only choose one if you have the face for it!

Disconnected wet & messy

Robbert Maldonado disconnected undercut wet and messy
Robbert Maldonado IG

This is a close relative of the Slick back where the hair is kept wet, messy and down!

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