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French cut beard: What is it & Styles to try!

French beard styles for Indian men

Depending on the region you are from, a French cut beard (or French beard) can mean different things for you. It could be a Van Dyke, a circle beard, a goatee, or if you are an Indian, every one of the above. It has taken a generalised meaning and many popular (international) nomenclatures are virtually non-existent here. That’s cool though, because the French beard sound infinitely better than a ‘circle beard’- don’t you think?

French cut beard- A brief history

A French beard, as made obvious from its name, is a beard style that was popular in France since the early 18th century. Though the style was present much before, this was when it enjoyed most widespread usage and everyone from rich aristocrats, merchants, artists and even the daily wagers sported one. Back then, it didn’t have the broader usage and essentially meant a Van Dyke.

Not familiar with beard nomenclature? Here’s a guide

France was actively involved in colonising India and other Asian countries in the 18th century. Since most of their officers had a moustache and chin-concentrated beard, everything that was vaguely similar to it began to be seen as a French beard. That’s why we blanket wrap every short beard types under this name nowadays.

French cut beard – How to get it

Hrithik Roshan french beard
Hrithik Roshan french beard

Most people have their first facial hair growth in the chin and upper lip areas. This is one of the reasons why the French beard has become so common with the younger populace, especially the college going ones.  It is relatively easy style but since the choices are broad, there is usually a period in which you have to find the right one that suits your hair and face shape.

Face shape+ beard style- Best pairings

Generally speaking, the French cut beard is a beard which has a prominent moustache and strong chin beard which may or may not extend on to the sides.

Different French beard styles- broad classification

French cut beard styles
Ranbir Kapoor, Sivakarthikeyan and Fawad Khan french beard

As I said, the French beard is one with huge variety in its arsenal. So instead of going through each and every one (we will do that later), it better to provide three broad classifications and then let your imagination take it from there.

Here they are:

  • Disconnected French beard
  • Connected French beard
  • Extended French beard

Disconnected French beard styles

The disconnected French beard is the classic version of this style. Here, the moustache is generally kept long and on to the sides, while the beard is allowed to grow down from the chin. As its name suggests, they are not connected to each other.

Disconnected Undercut – one of the most popular haircuts today

Connected French beard styles

Salman Khan French beard
Salman Khan French beard

Connected French beard slightly moves away from its original definition. It has a connection between the moustache and beard, and generally encompasses many varieties of the short beard. Nonetheless, it is very popular, especially among celebrities.

Extended French beard styles

It beard is a type of French beard which is extended on to the sides. Usually, the extensions are through the jawline, which not only keeps it short but accentuate good facial features.

Extended French beard is recommended for people having round and square face shapes.

South indian actors french beard
Vijay, Vikram and Suriya French beard

You probably already know how much Virat Kohli loves this style from our earlier post!

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