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Beard styles and face shapes- Best pairings!


We’ve already talked about the relation between hairstyles and face shapes, now, here’s a handy guide to the how face shapes and beard styles are related. Since the beard outlines ones jaw and chin, it can help to accentuate facial features to a good degree. So a perfect pairing between the two is vital if you want to look better than what you are pulling-off now.

Hairstyles for Indian men- A handy guide

If you are not familiar with the different kinds of beard, here’s a comprehensive list of the 28 most popular ones! – Beard styles for Indian men


Face shape Concentrate on Beard style
Round Chin and Jaw Goatee, Van Dyke, Balbo
Square Chin and Jaw Goatee, Circle beard (Bulgan), Chin strap
Rectangle Sides Full beard, short Stubble, Mutton Chops
Diamond All like Verdi, Garibaldi and Bandholz
Triangle and Inverted Triangle All Flexible
Oblong Sides and long styles Mutton chop, Imperial

Note that some beard styles like the stubble can suit every face shape.

Round face- Concentrate on the cheek bone and chin

Virat Kohli beard for round face

A strong jawline is generally perceived as a symbol of attractiveness. Unfortunately, people with a round face do not have such profound facial features. This makes beard styles that amplify overall facial shape-including full-length and long, a strict no-no.  Instead, what you should concentrate is on the chin and jaw areas.

Styles to try: If you want to reduce the roundness of your face, go for a Goatee, Van Dyke or a soul patch. For a little extra, try the extended Goatee, Chin Strap, Balbo or an Anchor style. A neatly trimmed short boxed beard will look good on people with this face shape as well.

Square- Similar to Round face but more flexible

Fawad Khan beard for square face

People with square face, like the round ones, are better off sticking to the chin and jaws. Full face beard should be avoided but occasional experiments can be done to test waters.

Styles to try– Goatee, Circle beard (Bulgan), Van Dyke and it variation, chin strap and Balbo will look best on people with this hairstyle. If you are feeling adventuros, try unconventional ones like Friendly Mutton Chops.

Rectangle- Short near bottom, long at sides

Raj Tej long beard style for rectangle face

For a rectangle face, it is better to keep hair shorter near the bottom and longer on the sides. Longer beard types like the one above can be given a try too, but it might not suit everyone.

Style to try: Try Chin Strips, Chin Straps, Chin Curtains or an extended Goatee. Quirky ones like Mutton chops and Gunslinger are good but if you have hair to spare, go for the short full beard.

Diamond: One for all

Rana Daggubati beard style diamond face

Those who are blessed with oval or round faces can sport almost every beard style with perfection. However, if you can, grow a long beard like the Vikings.

Styles to try: Apart from the style mentioned earlier you can go for long ones like Verdi, Garibaldi and Bandholz. This is also one of the few face shapes that look good with a solo moustache.

Triangle and Inverted Triangle: Flexible

Ranbir Kapoor beard style for triangle face shape

Triangle and Inverted Triangle faces are compatible with many beard styles. Long beard style suits them well but when going for short ones, it is better to concentrate on the chin for triangular faces, and on the sides for Inverted Triangular.

Styles to try: Bandholz, Garibaldi and long Stubble

Oblong- Go long

Tovino Thomas long beard style for Oblong face

Short beard styles do not work well with Oblong faces. Concentrate on the sides or go full length.

Styles to try– Mutton chops, full length and Dutch. If you are adamant about going short try the Imperial curved mustache.

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