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10 Sure shot steps to grow beard thicker and faster

You might not know this but beard growth is heavily dependent on genetics. Some might start growing facial hair as early as their late teens while others have to wait till well beyond the latter half of their twenties to get any kind of mane cover. The thickness of beard is also depended on this very same factor. However, most of the time hair growth is stunted because of our lifestyle, diet, and other similar things. Thankfully, there are ways to not only reverse these effects but even accelerate facial hair growth!

In this post, I’d like to take you through all the things that you should adopt to get your hair grow faster and thicker. Follow them religiously to get the intended effects:

Personal hygiene and sleep

Personal hygiene and care is very important to gain faster facial hair growth.  Clean your face with mild cleanser to remove dead cells, and make it a routine to sleep 8 hours a day to promote fresh skin cells. Exfoliating at least once a week provides similar effect, but on a much bigger scale.

Another important step is to check for ingrown hairs. They prevent uniform hair growth and even retards the growth process.

Oils are essential

Natural oils for beard growth

In order to grow a thick strong beard, it is essential to keep it moist and hydrated. Natural oils are a great way to do this. Depending on availability, eucalyptus, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, Jojoba and Argon oil can be used nourish your beard.

Natural oils not only keep the beard clean and shiny but also smooth them out. They improve the health of the skin underneath and provide essential nutrients to promote beard growth. So make it a habit of oiling your facial hair regularly.

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Keep a check on your diet

Beard growth is primarily regulated by two male hormones- testosterone and DHT. So eating food which promotes them as well as provide essential vitamins and nutrients is necessary. Some of these include Potatoes, Brazilian nuts, Sorghum, raisins and even orange juice.

Protein is one of the building blocks of hair, and is essential for gaining thick and strong strands. So increasing intake of food such as egg, red meat, gelatin, almond, broccoli and oats should be promoted.

Drink lots of water

Grow beard fast - full beard model

I needn’t even say this, but drink lots of water and always stay hydrated. Our body is made up of water and require lots of it to maintain proper functioning. Dehydration leads to tiredness and growth stunting, which also has negative effect on beard growth.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water will keep your skin healthy and promotes growth of thicker, stronger beard.

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Facial Massage is a good way to reduce stress and clear skin, both great ways to improve beard growth. It promotes blood circulation to the cheeks which bring more nutrients and oxygen, and in turn helps the hair follicles to grow thicker and faster.


Tovino Thomas - Beard growth and Gym
Tovino Thomas- Exercise to grow beard

As I said, hormones such as testosterone and DHT are essential for faster growth of beard. During intense workout or training, lots of these hormones are produced. So going to the gym actually has dual gain- both for muscles and for hair.

All the sweating keeps the skin clean as well!

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Reduce stress

Your beard handles stress worse than you! It shrivels up and will refuse to grow. So maintaining a stress-free environment is essential for growing out your beard. While things like massage, spa and going to the gym works well as cure, it is also important not be placed in a stressful environment in the first place. So take your life out of any stressful routine atleast twice a week and go for laid-back activities like fishing, walk in the park, camping or something similar.

Stop smoking

Smoking is generally perceived to weaken hair follicles and decelerate hair growth. There are not many scientific researches to prove this though, but abstinence is usually preferred.

Let it grow but cut when necessary

Indian beard guys and bike

A general rule of thumb is not to mess with the beard once it starts growing. Don’t let that ‘shaving accelerates beard growth’ myth fool you! Given proper care, hair grows at a constant rate whether short or long. However, once hair grows to a particular length, there are chance of split ends and breakage. So ever so slightly cut off short portions of the end at regular (long) intervals.

Try supplements

Artificial supplements should be your last effort to grow beard. There are certain studies which claim that vitamin C, biotin, and vitamin A help to increase beard growth, and these are available as artificial supplements. However, remember that unless your Gentics permit these are not going to provide anything substantial for gain.

So here are 10 of the most effective ways by which you can grow a beard- thicker and faster. Did they help you to achieve your goal? Comment below.

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