adah sharma Hairstyles for indian women

Hairstyles for Indian women – A handy guide

adah sharma Hairstyles for indian women

Was it only a decade ago, face and book were two different words that we merely use in one sentence, Amazon was just a river in South America and tweets were something that only birds did?

Damn!! A lot has changed!! Yeah, the world is changing, so do hairstyles!!

Hairstyle is almost a visual language in 21st century. There are more than 100 basic hairstyles in the world and each of them have more than 100 sub-categories. That’s a sum of ten thousand different hairdos!! In India, 90% women opt for pouf, pony tail or a simple braid, and that’s it!! If you are (unfortunately) one among that 90%, then you are only trying just 3 out of 10,000 types. That’s not a good way for utilizing your possibilities.

The Fashion-world we are living in is changing faster than anyone realises and you are showing up nibbling on one little edge of it! There is a whole lot more (styles and information) here but the question is, what are we going to do with it?

Below are some of the most popular hairstyles categorised according to hair length, check it out!

Long hairstyles for Indian women

Long hairstyles for Indian women

Bangs: If you have soulful eyes and perky cheeks like Anushka Sharma this one is bang on for you. Thick bangs will highlight your cheekbones by covering the forehead. One of the most requested hairstyles in B-Town!

Updo: Apart from being extremely fashionable, Updos are easy to recreate. There are handful of different Updo-hairstyles to try. Simple-yet-elegant, right?

Let loose: If you have less-than-perfect hair styling skills, well, this one is going to be your bestie. It will give you a casual, straight-outta-bed look.

Volumized curls: Born with-‘em-curls agree “straight hairs are boring!” If you have super soft curls there is no reason to keep them tied up. Flaunt it like the diva you are.

Long and Sleek: Not everyone can manage to grow their hair long but if you do, you can have a handful of other stylish options in your arsenal. Among them, Long sleek should be your first choice! Get a classic sleeky hairstyle in no time! One of the best options to show off long thick hair.

Ponytail: Easy way to get an elegant look. The best thing about ponytail with a twist is “you can never go wrong”. This can be your time-saver in a busy day. There are different types of ponytails like high ponytail, low ponytail, and you can even accessorise it with bangs or pouf.

Straight hair with layers: Most requested one! Obsession with straight and natural hair is not going anywhere. If you have straight hair, a well-made layer cut is an absolute head turner.

Indian women long hairstyles

Slicked back: For fancier occasions check out the slicked back hairstyle. This gives you an edgy yet cute look. Sonam Kapoor has a pungent for this hairstyle and she elegantly wears it on almost all her red carpet appearances.

Curled at the ends: It is an every-occassion hairdo and you can wear it from prom to the wild after-parties. This hairstyle highlights your hair in an extremely fashionable way.  Loose curls at the ends are extremely gorgeous while giving your hair a voluminous appearence.

Side braid: Instagram worthy hairstyle! Embrace your flirty side with side braids but wear it like a princess. You can try different types of braids but two- or three strand braids are what is preferred by most Indian women.

Pouf/Puff style: You need to try this! This hairstyle claimed its right to fame a long time ago. The Pouf provide lots of class while still retaining your girlish factor. Arguably one of the most popular hairstyle in India.

Medium hairstyles

Hairstyles for medium length hair India

Wavy lob: Show off the cool wavy lob today as medium length hair is back in trend. This can add a little drama to your shoulder length cut. Perfect hairstyle for you beach vacation.

Brushed waves: Old school glam never goes out of style. If you are lucky enough to have thick curls, you can rock this hairstyle. Your voluminous hairs make this hairdo even more vibrant.

Glamify yourself with brushed out waves.

Blunt end tousle: So fierce! This is the hairstyle which can outshine most long hairstyles. It’s the inevitable blunt ends and the length which make the difference.

Cut bangs: Bangs are popular for medium length hair as well. They help to accentuate facial features and can be paired to other hairstyles including  Up-dos.

Side braids: Next level look! Side braids will help you to notch up the style quotient. Stick with them for a perpectual college girl vibe.

Medium length hairstyles Indian women

Clipped back curls:  Half messy makes damn sexy! Don’t forget to take the hairs form your forehead to the side. You can provide a soft classy touch to your overall look with this hairdo.

Polished twist: Want to look simple yet beautiful in your next formal outing? Try the Polished twist. This hairstyle couldn’t be simpler but will suit you best if you have thick hair.


Short hairstyles

Short hairstyles for Indian women celebrities

Bob cut with bangs: Want to go short but still love the bangs?  Don’t worry, as I told you earlier, bangs suits every hair length! This is the perfect one for you. .

Short with soft waves: Create and flaunt! Short waves are low maintenance and look so glam.

Short layers: Short and sweet!! If you love not-too-short hairstyles there is no reason not to stick with it. Complete yourself with beachy layers.

Short and spiky: If you are going to go short all the way, this one gives a much bolder statement. Basically, the iconic Pixie cut’s messiness in an unforced sexy way.

Shaggy and side swept: Short hairs look extremely fashionable with side swept bangs. This hairstyle help to show off your facial features.

Slicked back: You know how your mom is always telling you to get your hair out of your face? Well perfect way to do it in 2018 is slicked back! This cool hairstyle is totally slick.

Tousled bob with beachy waves: Surfer girl waves! Want to go for a messy tousled look? This shoulder length waves make your hair flirt.

Closing statement 🙂

So, these are some of the most popular women’s haircuts in India. You can choose your favourite one from the list or contact us for personal recommendations : Contact us

Even if you are in love with some of these hairdos that doesn’t mean you are ready for a haircut!

I will give you three simple tips to keep in mind before going to salon:

Know your hair texture and face shape. Trust me! It matters.

Consider your lifestyle.

Ask for advice and suggestions. After you’ve got enough information, fix on a hairstyle and convey it to your stylist. Don’t give him/her a free reign though, and point out if you are not satisfied.

Looking for a hairstyle for your husband/boyfriend (or just plain lost)? Here’s a handy guide from the hair guru himself: Hairstyles for Indian men

So that’s it. I am telling you once again, there are tons of hairstyles around us. Don’t settle for just the basic three or four!

Life is all about trying new things, getting out of ruts. New things are fun and fun is good. Let your saga begin with a new hairstyle today!! Flaunt it…let your hair flirt… I mean… why not?

Mike drop!