Hairstyles for Indian men guide

Hairstyles for Indian men – A handy guide

Hairstyles for Indian men guide

India is a land of 1.2 billion people and more than half of them are men. We are diverse in so many ways- from colour to facial structure, except for perhaps the most crucial one- hairstyles. Somehow Indian men, regardless of north, south, east or west, have got the wrong idea that there are just 3-4 hairstyles in the world. Seriously, we are not living in North Korea and this needs to stop.

A simple haircut is not just a ‘simple’ haircut. It shows your persona and depending on how good a one you’ve got, you are bound to stand-out (in a good way). It doesn’t even cost that much, especially considering how much men spend for pointless ‘fairness’ products nowadays. What you need is a great hairstyle that compliments your facial structure and hair length. Thankfully, Hairstyles India– India’s first hair based start-up is here to help.

Here are certain things you must do before your next appointment with the barber:

  • Do proper research
  • Select a hairstyle
  • Choose a complimenting beard and moustache
  • Know proper terminology
  • Convey with accuracy
  • Experiment

Top 10 hairstyles for Indian men in 2018

Do proper research

When looking for your perfect hairstyle, there’s really no point in looking at others for inspiration. Instead, you need to understand your own facial structure and hair type. Most Indians have round, oblong, oval or tapered (diamond) face. Facestyles which are generally perceived as more masculine, like square and triangle are harder to come by.

There are number of factors that can be used to distinguish hair types but since I want to keep this simple, let’s part them as long, medium and short first.

Short hairstyles

Short hairstyles for Indian men


For the longest time, short is what defined Indian haircuts. It is clean, formal and best of all, got your money’s worth with all that hair being removed. However, it is not one that we would recommend to the majority of people reading this.

Short hairstyles are best for men who have a strong jawline and angular face. This include people who have the square and triangular face structures- which are not common in India.

Here are some of the best short hairstyles:

Buzz cut: The Buzz cut is probably the simplest cut out there and includes shortening your entire hair to a single grade. When you trim it down to the last possible setting, it is called a Burr cut.

Crew cut: The crew cut requires some more work and is basically a buzz cut with a little more hair on the top.

High and tight/Military: Another low-maintenance haircut, made popular by military personnel. When compared to the ones above, this has the most hair on top. Its sides and rear usually have a very low fade.

Ivy league/ College cut: When you are in school or college, it likely that you won’t be allowed to be overly adventurous with your hair. This makes a perfect setting for the ‘college cut’ where you have an easily stylable top with short sides. This hairstyle goes well in both formal and casual settings. However, it does require periodic maintenance.

Businessman or regular: Business man or regular hair cut is the most popular cut in India and is often termed as a scissor cut. The barber uses his scissors to shorten the client’s hair to a specific length. This cut is perfect for formal settings but requires regular visits to the barber, lest you look shaggy and unkempt.

Medium-length hairstyles

Medium length hairstyles for Indian men


Medium length hairstyles are perfect for younger men who want experiment with their hair once in a while. There are lots of options to choose from and unless you don’t go over-board, they would look good in both a professional and party settings.

The great thing about medium length hair is that each one of its basic categorisations can have numerous other variations.

Here are some of the popular categories of medium-length hair:

Under cut: The Undercut is probably one of the most famous hairstyles in the world. It involves trimming away the sides and rear, while maintaining a thick tuft of hair at the top. It is also one of the most flexible hairstyles and numerous variations are possible.

Fade: Fade is a type of undercut where the side trimmings gradually fade. Here too, numerous variations are possible and one can even fade the hair to complete naught. Skin fade, where the hair appears to fade in to the skin, is very popular nowadays.

Pompadour: Primarily a women’s hairstyle, the Pompadour was made famous among men by the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ himself- Elvis Presley. In this style, the hair is turned back off the forehead in a roll. Numerous modern interpretations of the Pompadour has cropped and number of variations are possible.

Quiff: The Quiff is sometimes mistaken for the Pompadour but the combing styles involved for either one is different. In the case of Pomp, almost all of the hair is combed to the back. However, for the Quiff, hair is combed to the front first. Then, the ones that fall on to the forehead are brushed upwards and backwards.

Curly: ‘Flaunt the curves’ is what I always say. If you have naturally curly hair, no look would suit you better than properly executed curls with complimenting highlights

Faux hawk: If you are not crazy enough to sport a Mohawk, go for a faux hawk instead. It is not as radical and the distinction between your longer and shorter hairs are less evident.

Spiky: If Faux hawk was standing hair at the center, the spikes are when they are non-uniformly spread out across the top.

Shaggy: The shaggy look is perfect if you have medium length hair but want to keep them low-maintenance. Variations depend on the type of your hair but pairing it with an undercut is always a good idea.

Single sided undercut: This is a new hairstyle and currently in vogue. It requires good tuft of hair at the top and involves trimming one of the sides to bare minimum. The hair at the top is then parted to the other side, fading in length as it reaches the end.

Slick back– The slick back hairstyle is as macho as it gets and has long been associated with the mafia. It looks best on men with slightly receding hairline but, ironically, will accelerate the condition even more.

Long hairstyles

Long hairstyles for Indian men

Long hairstyles are very rarely seen among men but in India, they are relatively more frequent. The influence of popular media including Bollywood has got lots to do with this, and almost every major actor, from Sharukh Khan to Shahid Kapoor, has sported one. Indians usually have thick dark hair, which helps to.

Long hairstyles are not only time consuming but are also high on maintenance. So unless you have thick and strong hair, it really not advised to grow one out. Long hair looks best on men with strong masculine features or who has a thick beard.

Types of long hairstyles:

The common part: If your hair is smooth, parting it to either side is one of the easiest ways to go.  Center parting was a fad through the 90s but they have since moved-way for a better-looking side part. Numerous celebrities have sported their own variations too.

Long and curly: If you have long and curly hair, keeping it as such with slight nicks and tucks could be the best way to go.

Man Bun: A well-built man with a beard and man bun is the stuff of every girls dream. It is not an every-day hairstyle though, and is best suited for casual settings.

Ponytail: Men can try out ponytails for the same reason women do- simple, easy to recreate and less prone to faults.

Extra long: Let it grow!

Dreadlocks: Dreadlocks are probably the most adventurous of all long hairstyles. It is long and messy, and has a hippie vibe. It was shunned by the masses for most part of last century but that time has ended. Today, the Dreadlocks come in a number of variations and styles.

Select a hairstyle

Once you have become familiar with the common terms of the barber-world, it’s time to choose your complimenting haircut or style.

Undercut and fade styles go well with people of all faces but it is better not to have too much hair on the top if you have a round face shape. Oval and oblong faces don’t have this problem.

The shorter hairstyles like buzz and crew cut are best if you have angular features.

We have already compiled a wide variety of faces and hairstyle for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can contact us for hair styling tips.

Choose a complimenting beard and moustache

Beard styles for Indian men

Beard and moustache can been seen as perfect weapons to accentuate your already perfect hairstyle. Different hair lengths work with different styles of beard. Choosing the right one is what you should be doing!

If you have long hair, you most likely look feminine once you shave of your beard. So in almost every case, it is advisable to sport a beard. Further, a thick beard and long hair gives you a very imposing aura.

Note: Lean men are best off not trying extremely long hair

If you have medium length hair, a trimmed beard provides you with the best look.

If you are not a beard guy then its best if you stick to a short and clean look. They provide a professional touch but unless you are exceptionally popular, be ready to be treated as the older or mature guy in a group.

Choose the Ivy League look if you are young and can’t grow a beard.

Know proper terminology

Once you decide to take the all-important step to get a better haircut, take some time to study the proper terminology. Most professional hairstylists should know exactly what you mean by a haircut, and this helps to keep the whole process simple.

Convey with accuracy (take an image along)

If you are not someone who has access to professional hairstylists, then it’s always better to go with an image of the hairstyle in your phone. Take time to convey what exactly you want to your barber. Remember that you are paying for his/her time to make your hairstyle perfect, and don’t expect anything less.

Also, its unlikely that you will ever get what you want if you are looking for the cheapest option available.


I know I said that there are certain hairstyles suited for certain type of people but that shouldn’t deter you from experimenting with your hair. The above guidelines are by general consensus and should never be the norm. Ultimately, the hairstyles you choose should reveal ‘you’ as a person.

There, that’s all the basics you need about Indian men’s hairstyles and how to get one that suits you. We will be going in to more details about each of these topics, so stay tuned.

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