• beachy waves hairstyle tutorial
    DIY Hair Styling for women

    Beachy Waves – Tips to style at home

    The last few years have all been about tousled and messy hairstyles. Among them, there is an hairstyle which never ever fails to make an impression- the Beachy waves. This is a fabulous, casual hairstyle which can be achieved whether your hair is naturally wavy or straight. These messy, voluminous beachy waves look effortless because they actually are! It works well with both short as well as long hair. You can pull them off with minimal work and in practically no time! Here is a step by step tutorial to style this perfectly imperfect hairdo: Step 1- Prep your hair After the wash, towel dry your hair until its damp…

  • Wet waves hairstyle tutorials (1)
    DIY Hair Styling for women

    Wet Waves like Kim Kardashian’s – How to style

    Wet waves make easy sense- its a summer hair look that’s high in fashion. Though it was popular, Kim Kardashian took it to a completely different level and made it one of the most requested summer hairstyles across the world. This hairstyle is all about using your fingers and brush- no other styling tools required! The best part is that these sexy wet waves goes well with every dress. Here are some steps to style wet waves at your home. Step 1- Prep your hair Brush your hair to make sure that there are no kinks For this hairstyle, we start with dry hair. So after a regular hair wash,…

  • bollywood actress half up top knot hairstyle tutorials
    DIY Hair Styling for women

    How To Style Half-Up Top Knot at Home

    Top knot is our favorite Updo for a reason- it owns the gift of timelessness. Top knots can make you look younger as well as ultra-chic. It is also a great way for pulling the hair away from your face on the third hair day while still maintaining the sophisticated vibe. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on styling this gorgeous half-up top knot. Step 1: Prep your hair Wash your hair and towel dry it. We need to get rid of the wetness so that use can make use of a blow dryer. Apply some dry shampoo to the hair. It will soak up the oils, and also give your…

  • loose end curls hairstyle step
    DIY Hair Styling for women

    Loose End Curls – Tips to style at home

    With endless possibilities to style your curls, it can be hard to decide which one is best for your hair and face shape. But based on the request we receive here at Hairstyles India, it is easy to make out which you should choose to fit in. So today I am sharing with you one of the most requested curly hairstyles- Loose end curls. Loose end curls gives you total freedom! You can curl the ends first and then rest of the hair if needed, and can even flaunt them in their natural texture. Simple hairstyles for Indian women in 2018 I will break down the steps to style this…

  • bollywood actress in messy fishtail braid hairstyle
    DIY Hair Styling for women

    How to make Fishtail braids at home | Styling tips

    Any hairstyle can catch your eye but it takes something special to catch your heart. Yes, I am talking about the forever-cute fishtail braids. I honestly think it’s one of those hairstyles that’s perfect for most occasions. All you have to do is to adjust its messiness accordingly. Want this for your next date night? Let me help you. Styling tools Hair brush, scissor and hair elastics. Steps for styling a Fishtail braid Here are some simple steps to make Fishtail braids at home: Step 1- Preparation First you need to part your hair. If your face shape is round, part your hair down the middle or with a deep…

  • bollywood actress priyanka side swept bangs with ponytail 2018 - Copy
    DIY Hair Styling for women

    Easily style Side swept bangs at home ft. 5Mireya5

    Yes, there is no hairstyle which has zero haters but side swept bangs come really close! The main reason for this is that it goes well with most types of hair- straight, wavy and curly. We have seen so many celebrities in B-Town who flaunt bangs with utmost pride. Today will explain to you how to easily style side swept bangs.  This is going to be super simple and fun! Styling tools: Hair brush, scissor, blow dryer Hair styling based on hair types Step 1 – Prepare your hair Centre part your hair to both sides and brush it repeatedly for some time to make sure that there are no…