Hair tips, guides & myths

    Hair care and styling tips based on your hair type

    The type of hair varies from person to person, and each one requires its own set of care and styling procedures. So knowing your hair type is instrumental in figuring what exactly they are. What do you think? Isn’t it always better to know what your hair needs before you let someone else do it? Thankfully,  there’s something called a Hair Chart to take you through this! Hair chart is a frame of reference to figure out the texture of your hair    Andre Walker, an Emmy winning stylist best known for his work with Oprah, created a hair chart that would be a base for how most women  identify…

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    Hair tips, guides & myths

    What is Hair mask and how to use it correctly?

    Human hair is not as strong as some of us believe it to be. It is thin, frizzy, fragile and prone to breakage. So just like every other important thing in your life, utmost respect and care is essential if you want it to stick around longer! Of course, there are many professional products and treatments available in the market today but sometimes, things needn’t be so complicated. This is where Hair masks come in! A hair mask is essentially a deep conditioning and moisturizing agent. It is packed heavily with hydrating and regenerative elements, and depending on the ingredients, can be used for variety of hair types. However, most…

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    Hair tips, guides & myths

    Hair growth tips for long and natural black hair [2018]!

    Long and natural black hair is the stuff of everyone’s dreams! Some are blessed with them while others are not. If you belong to the latter though, don’t fret, there are some sure shot hacks to grow your hair out. Just keep in mind that this doesn’t happen overnight and that it requires lots of patience! Trim hair periodically Ironically, trimming you hair should be the first step to achieving long, strong hair. However, unlike that popular myth, hair doesn’t grow any faster after its cut, instead, short trims are necessary to remove split ends. Split ends decelerate hair growth and make your hair less healthy. If you keep them…

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    Hair tips, guides & myths

    5 popular hair care myths debunked!

    Most of us have been tricked into believing some kind of ridiculous hair care tips in our younger days. You’ve probably been living with them ever since, eventhough some of them are doing more harm than good! So in this weekly hair care article, we are debunking five most popular hair myths and introducing alternates that you can try. More: Quick study of hair structure and how everything works Trimming your hair promotes hair growth To be brutally honest with you, scissors don’t have any effect on hair growth. Hair growth begins at the follicles (hair root) in your scalp. Cutting the hair strands (hair shaft) has nothing to do…

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    Hair tips, guides & myths

    Quick study of structure of hair- What’s what!

    Hair is much more than a fashion tool, they are as much an indicator of your overall health as any part of your body.  Actually our hair consists of different layers and structures. Each of those layers have different roles in shaping your final look. Here, we are providing you a quick look at the structure of human hair beyond its shiny outward appearance that we see day to day. The integumentary system is an organ system that comprises of skin, hair, nails and exocrine glands. They act to protect the body from various kinds of damage, such as loss of water or abrasion from outside. This is what we…