• Grow beard faster and thicker
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    10 Sure shot steps to grow beard thicker and faster

    You might not know this but beard growth is heavily dependent on genetics. Some might start growing facial hair as early as their late teens while others have to wait till well beyond the latter half of their twenties to get any kind of mane cover. The thickness of beard is also depended on this very same factor. However, most of the time hair growth is stunted because of our lifestyle, diet, and other similar things. Thankfully, there are ways to not only reverse these effects but even accelerate facial hair growth! In this post, I’d like to take you through all the things that you should adopt to get…

  • French cut beard maari swag dhanush style
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    French cut beard: What is it & Styles to try!

    Depending on the region you are from, a French cut beard (or French beard) can mean different things for you. It could be a Van Dyke, a circle beard, a goatee, or if you are an Indian, every one of the above. It has taken a generalised meaning and many popular (international) nomenclatures are virtually non-existent here. That’s cool though, because the French beard sound infinitely better than a ‘circle beard’- don’t you think? French cut beard- A brief history A French beard, as made obvious from its name, is a beard style that was popular in France since the early 18th century. Though the style was present much before,…

  • Beard styles for Indian face shape men-Aamir Khan
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    Beard styles and face shapes- Best pairings!

      We’ve already talked about the relation between hairstyles and face shapes, now, here’s a handy guide to the how face shapes and beard styles are related. Since the beard outlines ones jaw and chin, it can help to accentuate facial features to a good degree. So a perfect pairing between the two is vital if you want to look better than what you are pulling-off now. Hairstyles for Indian men- A handy guide If you are not familiar with the different kinds of beard, here’s a comprehensive list of the 28 most popular ones! – Beard styles for Indian men   Face shape Concentrate on Beard style Round Chin…