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    Ziva Dhoni cute photos | Hair & accessories

    Every time Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s little daughter is in a photo, she takes social media by storm. Ziva Singh Dhoni is loved by millions across India not just because of her father but also for the overload of cuteness that she brings each time. This has also earned her a very loyal fan following in Instagram and is one of the most followed star kids in the country. Girl hairstyles inspired by Bollywood celeb kids Boys hairstyles inspired by Bollywood celeb kids Baby girl styles inspired by Ziva Dhoni Mahi and Sakshi welcomed their cute daughter on February 2015. She created waves in social media on her arrival and various…

  • Taimur Ali Khan with sister
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    Taimur Ali Khan (baby boy) hairstyles

    Being famous the second you are born is something that comes naturally to Bollywood celeb kids. If you are the son of two A-listers though, celebrity status is all but guaranteed. That’s just what happened when Saif Ali khan and Kareena Kapoor welcomed their first child together- Taimur Ali Khan, on December 20,2016. This bubble-of-cuteness was trending on Twitter all through the day and even managed to fetch some controversy. Taking offense is second nature to most Indians and apparently, some people were angry that the name Taimur resembles that of notorious Turko-mongol leader Timur.  However, in ancient Persian, Taimur means ‘iron’, which I think is a perfectly good name…

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    Top 7 teenage girl hairstyles inspired by Bollywood kids

    This generation’s most in-demand Bollywood superstars all happen to have famous last names. Hrithik Roshan, Shraddha Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Kapoor sisters are few of the celeb kids who followed their parent’s footsteps. Now though, it’s time for the new generation to come forward and make a statement. Their parents have already carved a name for themselves in B-town and these star kids will be hoping to leave the same mark on the industry. Before that, here’s a teaser of these paparazzi favourite celeb kids’ life and their resplendent hairdos. Here are some teenage boys’ hairstyles inspired from Bollywood kids: Stylish Celeb kids of Bollywood Ananya pandey Ananya Pandey, daughter of…

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    6 teenage boys’ hairstyles from Bollywood star kids

    Remember when Ranbir Kapoor was just a kid? No? neither do we! Bollywood, and entertainment industry in general, is a privacy-less world. There’s so much glitz and glamour that every actor is constantly under the limelight. Surprisingly though, Bollywood star kids have always, somehow, slipped under the radar. Most of them are brought-up abroad and this probably got a lot to do with it. However, things have began to change with the advent of Social media. Once shielded from the prying eyes of the public, these celeb kids are now taking to Instagram to show-off their starry lifestyle (which would even put their parents to shame). They bask in the…