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    Easiest way to tie a tight biker’s Bandana (ft. LiborioTV)

    The Bandana might have gone out of style in the fashion circuit but one place it always has a place is with bikers. Most people confuse it as a mere aesthetic accessory, which is far from the case. The Bandana or any kind hair cover keeps away dust and dirt, avoids direct sunlight and soaks up excess sweat. This helps prevent dandruff and reduce the effects of hairfall. For bikers, they provide an added function as well- to keep wind away from the hair. Wind not only messes up your locks but is also bad for the hair roots in the long run. Further, the Bandana can act as a…

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    Popular hair accessories & hairstyles that suit them best

    Most girls are always busy buying trendy fashion apparels that they hardly pay attention to the fact that, 21st century demands way more than mere clothing. No, I am not talking about better hairstyles, just one step above it! Head bands, scrunchies or head scarves… hair accessories are the ideal way to dress up a hairstyle with that extra touch of glitz and glamour. Not only do they give that relaxed vibe but keep the hair in its intended place as well. Be ready for some serious inspiration. Scrunchies Yes, its true! Scrunchies are officially a thing again. This old-school hair accessory is hitting the fashion world like a bang.…

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    Hats, Caps, Beanies & more – Common headgear

      Hats were one of the biggest fashion statements of the 20th century. They were worn by everyone from aristocrats to the peasants, albeit in a different type and style. The end of the century marked a falling demand for hats, as symbols of industrialisation and authoritarianism were slowly being wiped out. Simple yet ergonomic caps begin to dominate the headgear segment as a buffer of change, in the late 90s and early 2000s. However, they too paved-way nearing the beginning of this decade. Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of classic elements being reintroduced in to the fashion circuit. An example is the modern Pompodour, which was trending in…

  • Hat vs Cap whats the difference
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    What is the difference between hat and cap?

    Most people might know this or at least understand the basic concept, but for those who don’t, hat is the long classic version while cap is the short head-hugging version. Basically, hat gets a longer crown, wider brim and is generally perceived as gentlemanly. In contrast, cap is small with short crown, with brim (visor) present only at the front. It usually comes with a snap or strap at the back, and is mostly associated with sports and casual settings. Here are some hat terminologies you should know about: Hat terminology Crown:  Crown is the circular part of a hat in to which your head goes in. It comes in…