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Easiest way to tie a tight biker’s Bandana (ft. LiborioTV)

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The Bandana might have gone out of style in the fashion circuit but one place it always has a place is with bikers. Most people confuse it as a mere aesthetic accessory, which is far from the case. The Bandana or any kind hair cover keeps away dust and dirt, avoids direct sunlight and soaks up excess sweat. This helps prevent dandruff and reduce the effects of hairfall.

For bikers, they provide an added function as well- to keep wind away from the hair. Wind not only messes up your locks but is also bad for the hair roots in the long run. Further, the Bandana can act as a cushion between the helmet and your hairs.

Here are the steps to tie a proper tight bandana:

how to tie a bandana like a biker

1. Find the right one!

Before you start tying the Bandana, it’s important to find one that’s right for your hair. Biker’s Bandanas need to fit your hair tightly, so choose a longer one which will provide extra grip at the back. This is especially true if you have long, voluminous hair.

2. Fold the Bandana in to a triangle

Fold the Bandana diagonally so as to get a triangular shape. Make sure that its ends meet and then roll up the bottom potion.

3. Tie the Bandana at the back

With top edge of the triangle facing down and covering the face, tie the other (rolled) two edges to the back of your head. Do a double Knot so that it doesn’t loosen up on adjustment.

4. Bring one of the edges to the front

Now we have the top portion of the triangular Bandana, having two edges, covering the face. Take one of the edges and pull it over your head, on to the back.

Bandana style for bikers

5. Adjust the front

Take the remaining edge which is covering your face and twist it so that the bandana tightens on the forehead. Conceal the twisted tail by rolling up the front portion of the bandana by about 3-4 times. Make sure to tug the cloth slightly to the front each time you roll.

6. Adjust the back

Remember, one of the edges is still at the back. Carefully tuck it inside the knot without loosening anything.

7. Finishing touches

Carefully tuck in any loose hair and tighten the knot once more. Pair it with a sun glass and we are good to go!

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Tips for this style:

  • Always buy a long Bandana
  • Bandana’s usually have catchy patterns or logos. Know exactly where they are and make the triangle so that these come on the top.
  • If you have long hair, slick it back to the rear. Spiked or Pouf styles don’t quite work.
  • Make sure that the knot is tight or risk the bandana flying off while riding
  • Hair on the forehead catches wind and loosens up the Bandana. Make sure to tuck all of that inside or on to the back side.

There you go! It’s time to flaunt those Harley Davidson or Royal Enfield bandana’s with pride.


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