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Hair Accessories

Popular hair accessories & hairstyles that suit them best

Most girls are always busy buying trendy fashion apparels that they hardly pay attention to the fact that, 21st century demands way more than mere clothing. No, I am not talking about better hairstyles, just one step above it!

Head bands, scrunchies or head scarves… hair accessories are the ideal way to dress up a hairstyle with that extra touch of glitz and glamour. Not only do they give that relaxed vibe but keep the hair in its intended place as well.

Be ready for some serious inspiration.


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Yes, its true! Scrunchies are officially a thing again. This old-school hair accessory is hitting the fashion world like a bang. Now a days though, thin scrunchies are more popular, since the thick ones spoil the classy look and add extra bulk.

Select a colour matching your outfit. It helps you feel like sticking with-in the pattern.

Avoid neon colours because they are distracting and childish. Also, never use rubber bands as a replacement. They will break your hair and inflict pain on yourself.

Suitable hairstyles

Ponytail is the easiest hairstyle you can wear using a scrunchie. It will provide the pony with extra style and reinforcement, and helps to keep it in place. You can go for a high ponytail or a low pony, scrunchies ensure the style is easy breezy!

Others: Low bun, Top knot, Half up half down style

Tips: Though I said ‘scrunchies are back’, the fad of old gaudy scrunchies have passed. Always be aware of the trends.


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Headbands have been in use since ancient times. They emerged onto the fashion scene once again in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Bedazzled, jeweled, and braided headbands are quite popular among women nowadays.

Tips: Headbands hold back your hair firmly and highlight the facial features.

Choose a hairband matching the occasion and hairstyle. Embellished headbands such as those with large bows or flower attachments should be used when you are wearing your hair down.

Make sure there are no tangles or knots in your hair else, it will appear messier.

Decide where you want to part your hair. You can side part, centre part or slick the hair back back from the front.

Suitable hairstyles:

Headbands can be worn with long as well as short hairstyles.

Bangs: Headbands accessorize bangs the best. It’s so flattering!

other hairstyles: Ponytail, Messy upd

Barrettes/Hair clips

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Barrettes are the most common hair accessory worn by women and are used for gathering and clipping the hair. Hair clips can be considered as the modified version of the bobby pin, combining the pin’s functionality with a beautiful outer appearance.

Barrettes are usually too small for a long, thick ponytail but you can use it on your sides or for pulling back the hair. This is not a problem for finer hair.

  • Hair clips can also be used to secure the hair behind your head too.
  • Classic rectangular barrette can be used for all hair types.
  • Long and skinny barrettes are perfect for fine hair while rectangular volume barrettes can be used for thick hair.

Grab and clip!

Hair pins

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Hair pins are thin metal accessories which are curved at one end and opened at other end. They are usually available in a wide range of colours and sizes. Women mostly choose hair pins of that are the same colour as their hair to avoid the exposure (or make them invisible). However, ornamental type hair pins are trending nowadays which are both functional and decorative.

Suitable hairstyles

It doesn’t matter your hair is short or long, thick or thin, hair pin will be your good friend.

Puff hairstyle: Hair pin is a great way to keep your hair away from the face.

Braids: If you are planning for braids with small strands, you can secure the ends with hair pins. They will offer extra hold if you pin hair from back to front and not front to back.

Artistic buns and updos: For artistic buns I suggest you go for long golden hair pins.

First, create a regular bun of your choice. Then insert the hair pins straight down into the hairdo with ¼ of it sticking out. This will add a slight metal flair to the bun and make it edgy.

Bangs or fringes: While securing your bangs away from the face using hair pins, make sure hair in that section goes through the pins.

Scarves and Head Wraps

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From retro to boho, there are handful of looks you can try head scarves and wraps on. In summer, they stylishly help to keep your hair and scalp protected from the sun’s rays. Scarves are available in different shapes, lengths and width, and are a good way for battling bad hair days.

The scarves with colour and designs matching your outfit will be an instant style statement. You can wrap the scarves in many different styles and fashion.

All you need is some silky, light-weight scarves and you are good to go!


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Beads and braids are perfect summer style to accessorize your hair. Actually braiding is a part of African tradition, which have slowly but surely taken over the entire world.

A handful of beads can take any hairstyles to new heights. Although they require maintenance, the foremost advantage of using beads are their versatility. They are also used to accentuate the plaited strands.

Beads are now available in different designs and sizes. The inside diameter of beads vary from 4mm to 10mm. You can use them decorate as well as secure the lengths of the braids. We are familiar with many celebrities donning this stylish avatar from time to time.

Sticks, banana clips, hair extensions, are some other accessories offering wide variety of styling options to glamify your hair.

Hope you found few more things to inspire you for your next look.

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