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What is the difference between hat and cap?

Hats vs Caps Infographic

Most people might know this or at least understand the basic concept, but for those who don’t, hat is the long classic version while cap is the short head-hugging version. Basically, hat gets a longer crown, wider brim and is generally perceived as gentlemanly.

In contrast, cap is small with short crown, with brim (visor) present only at the front. It usually comes with a snap or strap at the back, and is mostly associated with sports and casual settings.

Here are some hat terminologies you should know about:

Hat terminology

Hats in India

Crown:  Crown is the circular part of a hat in to which your head goes in. It comes in varied shapes and lengths.

The shapes can be anything from tapered to oval. Some of the longest crowns are more than 7 inch in length.

Brim: Brim is the circular bottom part of a hat. It can also vary in size- from the short ones in Trilby to wide ones in cowboy hats. It can be flat or curved as well.

Hat band: The hat band circles the crown at its base. It might have contrasting colours to be flashy.

Hair ornament: The hat band sometimes come with accessories like feathers and bells to complement its look. These are called hat ornaments.

Cap terminology

Celebrities wearing caps

Cap is generally seen as a sub category of hat. However, it is softer and need extra support materials to maintain shape.

Panels: You probably noticed the lines running through the top portion of a cap. These are seam lines that hold together five to six panels, and give the cap a distinct look.

Crown: The two front panels of a cap are called crown. Its rear panels can either be solid or mesh.

Buttons & eyelets: Button is the part of a cap that hold all the panels together. Eyelets promote ventilation.

Brim or visor: Brim or Visor of a cap is slightly different from that of a hat as it is concentrated at the front. It might be curved or flat.

Adjustment: In all but fitted caps, snaps or straps are provided to suit variety of head sizes.

There you go! These are some of the main differences between hats and caps.

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